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clone of sleepy boy clone


This is a clone of gurnburial's 'sleepy boy clone' which itself is a clone of mkapolk's 'sleepy boy' game.
You can quit when you want but you cannot leave.

Sleepy Boy Clone:
Sleepy Boy:

This was a very meditative process. I'm not sure how faithful it is to the original as I only looked at gurnburial's version while making this and I had to try to get it done in under a day. Unfortunately I couldn't get the movement working quite right and also the boxes don't have the right bounciness. But I still learned quite a bit and had a magical time doing this sleepy boy rush. I can highly recommend making a sleepy boy clone or clone-clone for yourself!!

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Clone Fu


A fighting game where if you punch another player you create a new clone of yourself. The winner is either the "last clone standing" or the team with the most clones at the end of the game.

You can customise matches too, i.e change the HP of each clone, change the maximum number of clones, play on one of 4 arenas, etc

Player 1:
Arrow Keys: move
comma: punch
period: special

Player 2:
WASD: move
G: punch
H: special

Player 3:
IJKL: move
O: punch
P: special

Player 4
Numpad: move
Numpad7: punch
Numpad9: special

Esc to pause/ quit on the main menu

You can combine moves with jumps and crouches and movement to get a whole bunch of other moves. It also works with up to 4 joypads cause I thought of everything

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Destroy Your Home (a clone by clyde)


This game was made for the The No Pressure Appreciation Nicejam on Glorious Trainwrecks in March of 2017 by clyde.
I've wanted to make a clone of Destroy Your Home by juliette for a long time.
Here is the link to the original game.

Also of note is Earth Defence Force Your Home by Blueberry Soft

You can contact me on Twitter @cafefiction

I used Unity.

Some meshes were made with ProCore Bundle
Editor Extensions/Utilities
by ProCore
I especially used ProBuilder and ProGrids.!/content/15447

TangyTextures Material Pack by LemonSpawn!/content/19225

Low Poly Destructible 2 Cars no.8 by 1Poly!/content/45368

Billboarding solution by JustinReinhart

Emahoy Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou - The Song of the Sea

Susato - Crumhorn Trio - Ronde Wo Bistu
by Early Music in a different way ;)

Lamps Pack 3D Models by Nova Shade!/content/55018

Chalet Style Furniture
3D Models/Props/Furniture
by Rendwork Studio!/content/31966

Free HDR Sky
Textures & Materials/Skies
by ProAssets!/content/61217

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Taxi Breakout


Guide a taxi and use the small thing to break things.

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SSStop Me


This is inspired by netgrind's SSSnake series (which was made into the compilation game Snakes on a Cartesian Plane). It was also primarily inspired by the "dreams" in Run, as well as DefeatMe.

Eat the yellow squares. Eating two yellow squares will create a new snake for you to control, turning the old snake into a looping obstacle.


Arrows - direct the snake. You can wrap around the screen.
Other keys - press when you die to restart.

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==original description follows==

This is my first game!

The nefarious DR. MOUTH has stolen the precious GEMS from the royal APPLE FAMILY while they were visting a soccer game in BRITON. Luckily, world famous soccer star RONALD CATJUMPER was playing at the game and witnessed the event. He was able to trap DR. MOUTH in the middle of the soccer field, but not before DR. MOUTH used his GRAVITY WORLD FLIPPER powered by the GEMS he stole to turn the entire place 90 degrees! It's up to RONALD CATJUMPER to use his powers to get back as many GEMS as possible. He only has 60 seconds to do so though, as right before the events listed here he put some POPCORN in the break room microwave, and somebody would be likely to nab it if he left it sitting there!

RONALD CATJUMPER has many amazing abilities, but unfortunately almost all of them are only useful in a game of soccer. However, there are three skills that will help him in his adventures today:

1) RONALD CATJUMPER is a master of movement! (used by pressing the ARROW KEYS) Even though the field is flipped, RONALD will use the walls of the stadium to keep from flying into the atmosphere
2) When RONALD jumps he turns into a CAT, giving him great leaping power (used by pressing SHIFT)
3) RONALD (PhD) is also a fantastic scientist, and brought a CLONING DEVICE he invented to the field, disguised as an ordinary trash can (used automatically)

When the game starts, 60 seconds will be on the timer, and 1 RONALD CATJUMPER, DR. MOUTH and GEM will be present on the field! DR. MOUTH has very slippery fingers, and tends to drop the GEMS very easily, most often when RONALD or a clone of him touches a GEM. If two GEMS touch each other, they will vanish back to safety in the hands of the ROYAL APPLE FAMILY. If no GEMS are present on the screen DR. MOUTH will be likely to drop another onto the field, but not before RONALD CATJUMPER can use the moment to create a CLONE of himself!

Good luck, players!

0-1: You are awful. You should be ashamed of yourself.
2-10: The ROYAL APPLE FAMILY will never see their money again. You jerk.
11-40: Pretty good, but DR. MOUTH has made off with most of the GEMS!
41-70: Great work!
71-100: You're awesome!
100+: You got more GEMS than there were in the first place! How the heck did you do that?

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An Extremley bad Defender clone!

A really bad defender screenshot!.PNG

Just save all of the Yellow runners to win.

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A clone of nooodl's world famous Megazeux game, "yes". Also made in 4 minutes.

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Top of Desk Dungeon




Darius Kazemi
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Celebrity Let's Get a Headache


Get a headache with the new edition of this instant classic. Featuring appearances from your favorite celebrities, including an appearance from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson! (pictured)

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