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Time Demon vs. Indie Coffee


Get to your date at INDIE COFFEE before TIME DEMON catches you! Avoid SLOW WALKERS as they will spell your DOOM if bumped too often!
Can you get to your date on time, or will LOVE BE OVER FOREVER?!
(It IS possible to get to your date on time)

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An event


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Metafictional game. Crazy stuff man.

Use the left and right arrow keys to move the character left and right respectively. Within the textbased portions of the game, when shown (y/n), press the y key (standing for yes) and n key (standing for no) to answer to the questions posed.

Music by Kevin McLeod;
Constancy Part Two.mp3
Fairytale Waltz.mp3
Pennsylvania Rose.mp3
Robo Western.mp3
Trio for Piano, Cello, and Clarinet.mp3
Bright Wish.mp3

James Earl Cox III, Alex E Marmor, Mike J Jacobs, James E Hillman
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Comrade Rapter VS Hitler Horse


Comrade Raptor must save the world from the Hitler Horse!

Use the Arrow Keys and space to fire

*PRESS N for a Secret!*

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An event
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And Then a Skeleton Popped Out!


A platformer RPG game based off of a legendary scary story about a skeleton popping out and then suddenly ending. (SPOILER!)

I made this in a few minutes,and sheesh,this is the 6th game I've made for this kart. I don't regret it :P.

Oh,what the hell? The uploader got rid of the screenshot.

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An event
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Green Globes


Try to pass over all the globes, without two functions.

Made for my own work on school!

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An event



You are a gibbed head in Quake. You need to roll around and find your body before it respawns! But it may be too late...

A game by Thanny Mack (

Thanny Mack
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An event
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There are sharks that are doing drugs. That's not good! Sharks shouldn't be doing drugs! Stop them. Be the SHARK NARC.

Arrow keys move around, spacebar shoots. Some sharks will occasionally light it up, and if you see one doing it shoot them. If you shoot an innocent, YOU LOSE!

Be the best. Be the hero. Be SHARK NARC.

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An event
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Virtual Stepfather

Virtual Stepfather.png

Can you survive a conversation with your new stepfather without hurting his feelings?

EDIT: Re-uploaded with controls that actually make sense now!

EDIT EDIT: Now works on Windows 10! Tell your friends!

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An event



Chomp on the brains of the townsfolk as they try to flee. For the less-discriminating undead palate, animals are also available. There's no way to win, but if you do well, you'll go back to the grave satisfied.

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2
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How Do You Kill a Circus?


How do you kill a Circus? The second-greatest trainwrecks version of a lame joke ever!

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Pirate Kart 2
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