hours of head-scratching brain-busting puzzle fun

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Lesson in Trickery


A puzzlescript game that I expected to be nothing but memes for 5 levels straight, but actually turned out decent.
Has 11 levels of varying difficulty. Made it in two, maybe three days.

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YouLostTheKeysToTheHouse ButYouAreInJail


Thanks Dattorz!
Theme was turning into a monster from sergio!
Have fun! Stay safe!

If you played the first version of the game, don't press [Y] press [space]. If you just downloaded the game, press [Y]

New Edit:
I changed the title so it fits in the space nicely.

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Portal Two-Dimensional


In the spirit of the advent of Portal 2, which was released a few minutes ago in the future, here is a two-dimensional version of the game. The story is different, and so are the puzzles.

I tried to make as many levels as I could in the time limit. There are 10 of them.

Z - Push against ground, thus forcing self upward as per Newton's third law.
Arrows - Impart motion upon self, or, conversely, aim the object held in hand (if any).
X - ???
C - ???

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a really stupid puzzle game. r restarts levels

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Pirate Kart 2
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