Bumcharles 2

Bumcharles 2


Here's a web/flash version, it's a bit diy. If you like underworld, this'll work. It of course runs a little faster, I think is immune to basic crashes, and the art board is glitchy, not all the "brushes" work and pressing space too much will cause major lag. That aside, you're welcome to preview if you can't be bothered to download the regular version.

Thanks for playing. Share your screenshots. Good luck. I know this is a little unexpected, but I think it's done. Thanks to Alex Hufeland for the track, Hopefully this will be a little more than a game thing. Lots of easter eggs. Made in The Games Factory, feel free to look through the sauce if you have a compatible clickteam product, post screenshots, issues, etc here. Be patient through it, press = or P to skip frames..

Rule of flow. Simply press P or equal when you feel you've seen enough of the frame before it ends up being boring, because almost all frames are ENDLESS. Later on it's different.. It'll hopefully make sense in the whole product.

I included a .bat file to run the exe under one core. If you're having the sound looping bug, run the .bat.

Some screenshots:

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