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As the world's lone remaining TURBOTHUNK in a world full of LOW WATT LIGHTBULBS, you ask yourself "how can I too be perfectly stationary until pushed upon by outside forces?" "How do I permanently fill the void of solitude?"

"Easy," answers the fourth voice in your head. "Easy." And it begins to purr.


(Loud anthem.)

I added 1(?)! mechanic and 6-ish! levels to Drambique's Puzzleswaps entry so: the rules do hereby declare it complete!. Congratulations and please stay upright!

Find the original game here: https://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/node/10843

It is identical for the first 7 levels.


Drambique (Original game with 7 levels) + myself (6 new levels, 1 new mechanic)
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Level 150: The End Is Nigh (My FIRST Chip is Challenging Level!!)


Level 150: The End is Nigh

Mno's first level out of (???) for the hit MacroServe SoftWare Game: Chip Is Challenging! This level features many obstacles, and puzzles, and even a teleporter that exits the game (that means you won!).

I am a big fan of Chip Is Challenging, ever since my beloved grade 3 year when I would see other older students (at LEAST grade 5) play games on the school computers, including something with Beavis and Butthead and I don't know anyhting about that stuff other than they chuckled a lot and smoked cigarettes behind the school building (as was seen during the menu loop for this game). Sometimes I also saw some kind of skiiing game where you avoid trees and stuff, I think I played a ripoff of it in the future in like grade 8, something on newgrounds, or at least just a flash game. I don't think I ever played it in grade 3 though. The teachers wouldn't let me use the computers for games. I guess I just had to wait until I was older.

The 3rd game I saw played was, as you might ave guessed... CHIP' IS CHALLENGE! All I could tell about it was that you trip on ice and bump into walls and get mad when you didn't predict the oh so obvious outcomes of your actions.

Chip's Chalice is a highlight of grade 3 for me, it was kind of a bad year. But then again so were a lot of years, so it's easy to call 'Chip...' a highlight for many years. And now, with my new level, I have paid back the fees due to my disgusting nostaligia for something I didn't even play, and without giving a corporation money in the process.

Play my new Chuck: Challenged To Duels By Dogs Everywhere and Lovin' It , right here, right there, right NOW! Click the zip to get started, get playing. TildeWumpus, the leading EMU and emulator for Chappy Change is the only platform I have tested my new level: Nigh Ending in , so you will be pleased to use it for this! It is purely designed to run on MacroServe's Chomp Champion ruleset, which is an unrelated game but for some reason the LinuxLion version REFUSES to play my level, which is just plain rude. So don't try to use that rule set.

My Level was made in Crystal Candy Eater dit (known as CCEdit) for anybody curious. I Have only tested it with the TileWorlds' Engine for emulating all versions of Chuck E. Cheese In The Galaxy Race 5000, incidentally as well as Chop The Charlemange On The Donkey, so go ahead and try that out. If you try something else and it doesn't work or your email starts getting spam ads, it is NOT my fault, and by reading this you agree to my wavier to remove me from any charges.


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