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Ghost The Party


I've been wandering around aimlessly lately... it led to this idea, "ghost the party"

Sprites courtesy of everythingstaken:

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Potluck Party Panic!


Oh no! Petra (that's me!) has been meaning to attend the Glorious Trainwrecks Potluck Party 2019, but has not made anything on the last day yet! But, in her time of need, Fox Girl is willing to step up and save the day by making a soup that will surely save Petra's reputation as being nice! Go forth, and do as you must to make this part a succesful one!

Use the left and right arrow keys to walk about and the up arrow to jump. There's two endings depending on if you collect enough food for the soup!
There will be music after the intro.

Have fun~ :3


The non-code stuff is entirely made out of free assets, which I've provided a list for in the readme.

I am not able to export non-windows builds of this stuff myself because I don't have a mac or linux computer (which is why I really want to get to learning another game makey thing) I've tried to put up another things with the source files in case you happen to be able and are willing to try.

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The remaketh in the award winning BINKY Series.

Many people who have made video games ask for some reason "What if this game... but again!?" and thus the remake was made... again.

Replay the first three BINKY adventures: Binky's House Party, Binky of Venus, and Binky's Traffic Jam in stunning high definition graphics and improved audio!

BONUS: Also Included are the original BUBBO LAND comics from 2017, restored in average definition!

WASD/Arrow Keys - Move
AD/Arrow Keys - Move Left to Right
W/Arrow Keys - Jump
WASD/Arrow Keys - Move


All from

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Cat Party


This game is about a cat party. Use your skills and intuition to avoid getting stuck inside walls and have a good time at the party.

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Super Smash Bros. Crusade


What is Super Smash Bros. Crusade?

Super Smash Bros. Crusade is a large project built from the ground up and started by three die-hard Smash Bros. fans, Phantom7, Falcon8r, and Dr.MarioX. Our goal is to create a Smash Bros. game packed with characters and stages from the most memorable video games of all time as well as create a Smash Bros. experience that combines the greatest features that all three official Smash Bros. games have to offer.

Current Features(0.8)

- Vs Mode
- Classic Mode
- 1p Minigames (Board the Platforms, Break the Targets)
- Online Mode
- Over 40 characters
- Over 25 stages
- Custom Music (You can put your own music in the game)

SSBC Development Team

Falcon8r - Programming, General Development
Phantom7 - Art and Graphics [May not be helping with development anymore] (Original poster of this thread)
Dr. MarioX - Spriting
Werekill - Miscellaneous [May not be helping with development anymore]
Dettadeus - Minor programming, Miscellaneous
Felipe_9595 - Character Balancing, Stage Programming
Jaklub - General Programming, Online Mode
(There are many other people helping out, but too many to list here. A full list will be included in the game's credits)

System Requirements

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
DirectX 8 or later
DirectX 8 compatible graphics card with at least 32MB of video memory
Pentium or equivalent processor
DirectX 8 compatible sound card
128 MB of memory or greater (noted only in official Game Maker help file documentation)
960×720 or greater screen resolution with 16-bit or 32-bit colors

Characters Included (0.8)

(This screenshot doesnt include the unlockable characters ( The Duck Hunt Dog or Porky))

Other Screnshots

Videos (0.8)

The game weights 330 MB, but we would really want it to be accepted. The game is really good and haves some amazing features (Online Mode for example). You will not be dissapointed. We really need the feedback.

Thanks in advance.

Falcon8r and Project Crusade Team
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Party Guy

Screen Shot 2012-02-25 at 4.32.24 PM.png

a really bad game that's really good for being bad.
press space as the spacebar symbol is on the gray rectangle!
A lot of the time, the game is broken. but at least it counts as a game!

RedAnt (Eddy Liaboh)
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Prickly Party


It's Prickly Porcupine's birthday party! Celebrate by jumping on balloons! Get more points for not popping them. Z+X rotate, Left+Right move left and right. Try not to fall into a bottomless pit and die a horrible birthday death.

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Wreck Christmas: A Knytt Story


A Christmas Knytt Story! Actually, this had been in development since, well, Christmas, but because I was stalling on Oh Man Go Time Gaiden I figured I'd rush some of my earlier Knytt Stories to completion to compensate.

I feel like this would benefit from playing some of my earlier Christmas-themed Knytt Stories, especially A Very Knytt Christmas. But you probably don't have to if you don't want to. Special thanks to Six for hooking me up with the song!

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