Sleigh ride

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Race down a mountainside in a toboggan! Dodge trees and fly off of jumps. A nod to the early Windows game Ski-free.

Feedback about goals, powerups, obstacles,suitable game music, and general game design is appreciated.

Start the game at the title screen using "spacebar"
Use the arrow keys to rotate left and right.

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Sleigh Ride


It's that magical time of year again. Fresh, pure white snow blankets the ground. All the survivors are bundled up warm and piled in a sleigh, singing carols, drinking mulled cider and smashing the heads off frozen zombies that litter the back woods.

Don't let the horses run into any zombies or they'll get spooked. That would ruin a lovely evening of sleigh riding.

Let's Go!

Be Careful. Don't get frostbite.

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