Whimsical : Zéro


Whimsical Zéro shares common features with the 2 previous episodes of the trilogy, Whimsical 2 and its postpreseprequel Whimsical Snack Hound : Meanwhile, elsewhere (also called Whimsical 1 although it was released right in the middle of the trilogy).

I've been changing my mind about this thing so many times, and I don't want to work on it anymore. Clearly the experience of a lifetime, don't want to go through it again even after you know what.

Although I never used more than one *.gam savefile, therefore erasing all intermediate steps in the making of this game, I still keep approximate memories of the games I prevented it to become, and I'm planning on artificially recreating them as post-mortem drafts, a new genre of unwanted trainwrecks I may spam this website with. I already have ideas on how to describe them.

I did my best to make Whimsical Zéro a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy for all of you Whimsical fans.

Have a very nice day.

- use arrow keys. I mean hold them down.
- movement is buggy when run under TGF

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