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Just in the nick of time! This took a lot longer than I expected.

So this is a silly little 1 player paper & pencil adventure game about collecting loot. It's sort of a mixture of Gacha games, the slow and steady progress of MMOs, and a little bit of crafting-y puzzle-y things. In trying to research Gachapon design techniques I discovered Shopkins and was horrified, so I had to channel their hyper commercialized aesthetic a little bit.

There's two uploads- a PDF that's good for reading (the pages are in order), and a PDF that's for printing (the pages are collated like a booklet). Theoretically, it should print onto 5 8.5x11" pages, double sided, but I haven't tried it yet.

P.S. if you read the "Reading" PDF - try to put it into the "pages side by side" mode!

Love from ya boy,

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Prof. EagleEye 6


Would you believe it? The Prof.'s story continues.
His death has been a shock to everyone,
but what happens now has never been seen before.

-The ultimate EagleEye experience: Now in 720p.
-Dayum, brotha - Will Smith after hearing the good news
-So many differences
-5 new dimensions, more than ever before!
-Everyone likes it
-Lush environments
-The start of a new journey

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