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Halloween is almost here, and Greg and Dylan are no strangers to a good spook.

Of course, things aren't as it seems and soon enough everything you know goes downhill.

Will you play the game? Will you experience the shortness and the mini-gameness of it all?

Because Viewer Beware, we're all in for a scare.

Some music has been kindly provided by Protohm Dweller. He assisted me on Hungry Man as well.

Watch out, there's some swears and questionable dialog. It's bad.

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Ultimate Trainwreck Training Simulator


I read this game idea "This might be a terrible idea. But how about a game about making a game in 2 hours for Klik Of The Month?"
This is KIND OF my outcome for this. Like that's kind of the idea behind it. I'm sorry if you think I have failed and it isn't really fitting to the provided theme. Please let someone else try to do something with that theme then. Sorry

Also this was supposed to be game #700 but then somone else claimed game #700 and I felt like working AT WORK instead of making trainwrecks


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The Improved Trainwreck Idea Generator

Generates trainwreck ideas. You can add new ideas by editing the .txt files in the "data" directory.

Based on EffBee's generator.

EDIT: Usage;
1. Install Python.
2. Extract the generator to a suitable folder.
3. Start the command line, go to the folder, and type
4. Go make a trainwreck!

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Trainwreck Idea Generator - Version 1

Grr, why can't I upload .py files directly.

This is some silly thing I made using sloppy Python code that generates ideas for trainwrecks. Because I need an idea for a trainwreck. I'll try to submit something later.

It's really basic and follows a pretty cookie-cutter format. Maybe later on I can make it more advanced.

You have to run it in a terminal:
cd /path/to/scriptdirectory/

Now I will run this and attempt to make a trainwreck using one of the generated ideas for this event.

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End of the Track


Trek across a winter landscape! Figure stuff out! But most importantly...

Just so you know, that weird scene with the gorillas is NOT a win screen.

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GT Saturday Specials: Knytt Stories
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Mega 999,998-in-1 Games Factory Kart


we present proud Mega 999,998-in-1 Games Factory Kart! Many games! Many fun! Download now! Play now! Infinite infiniteness and possiblies!

protip: f2 pressing is to return to games menu!

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Pirate Kart 2
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