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Spooky Scary Skeletons


Who knew skeletons were so easily scared?

Recommended background music for extra spookiness: http://www.youtuberepeater.com/watch?v=x-agNTzk0a0

(I apologize for the dull level design. didn't have enough time and thinking up fun and interesting puzzles under pressure is harddd...)

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You Have To Put The Stake In The Dracula


A spooooky Halloween game! Also included: You Have To Put The Steak In The Dracula.

Title inspired by Healy, music stolen from Castlevania, other things stolen from other places.

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Village Vampire Feast


Spoooooooky times ahead!

You're a vampire and you've just come to this village, looking to feed off the local populace and survive as long as you can. Avoid the police's bullets and create a vampire army to help distract the authorities, but make sure you leave yourself enough to eat!

- For each living person (cop or citizen) you eat, you get 100 points, plus a 50% health regeneration
- For each second you stay alive, you get 10 points
- You do not get points or health for eating vampires

- Press X to eat (drain the blood of) a living person or a vampire
- Press C to convert citizens or cops into vampires
- If a citizens are close to the site of a vampire (you or your another vampire) execution, one will be stirred to justice and become a cop
- Cops will chase and shoot at other vampires if they're close
- If vampires are hungry, they will eat cops or citizens when they meet them
- Every 15 seconds you stay alive, a new citizen will move into town
- Sometimes when a male and female citizen meet, they will have a new citizen! It's important to leave some citizens alive so they'll create new citizens and leave you with a supply of food

UPDATE 10/24:
- Revamped map, including new lake and graveyard areas
- New icon, title screen, and sound effects
- Converted vampires are now more effective as distractions
- Cops no longer crowd into the same space, making it more possible to pick them off in groups
- Introduced visible genders
- Various invisible tweaks that make the game more interesting and fun to play!

Ghosts2.mid from Curlys Spooky Halloween Midi Music

John D. Moore
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Aliens vs. Clouds


Once the KOTM #64 had a spooky theme, i thought i'd make a spooky game. well, my other games for the KOTM64 weren't scary enough to fit the theme.

Move the cloud with your mouse and juggle the falling aliens! don't let anyone escape.

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Secret Road: Terrifying Drive 3D 2

SecretRoad 2012-02-27 00-23-03-09.png

Uncover the secrets of the Secret Road in the last episode of the Terrifying Drive saga!

Juliette Porée
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Multicultural zombie invasion evasion eviction


Evade monsters for as long as possible by moving your gorilla across the bottom of the screen

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Trick or Treat


I wanted to make a game that really captured the spirit of Halloween - hiding in your house with the lights turned off while kids come round your street begging for sweets and money. I decided to portray this from the kids' point of view, so the objective of the game is to visit houses while they have their lights turned on, to score SPOOOOKY POOOOINTS!

I stole the music from theholidayspot.com/halloween/ . Trick or treat, motherflippers!

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Monster Axe


Fight off all the ugly monsters with the Monster Axe! Featuring MSPaint monsters crowdsourced from forums.selectbutton.net.

Z or space to jump.
X to toss axe when you have the axe.
Arrows to locomote.

Features 10 boss battles.

Probably a bunch of bugs exist. Reported bugs may be fixed in 18 hours.

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An event
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You Have to Put the Spider in the Jack--O-Lantern


Can you beat SoftSoft's spookiest Puzzle-Adventure? It's tricky!

(Note that you'll need an interpreter to play this game, like Zoom for the Mac, or Windows Frotz for, well, Windows.)

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Pirate Kart 2
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