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Full Speed Kiss (for clyde)



Can our hero, Song Joong-ki, navigate the cutthroat world of illegal street racing and the echoes of his DARK PAST?
* 3 levels!
* Cutscenes!
* Feelings!
* Intrigue....
* Hovo-bikes modeled in tilt brush!
* Celebrity appearances by Song Joong-ki, Jessica Jung, Ryan Gosling, Treaxy, and ??<><@#!@ (SIGNAL SCRAMBLED)
* A korean adult contemporary love song!

WASD / arrow keys to drive. "R" to reset to the last checkpoint if you fall over. "0" (zero) skips a racing segment (cheat!!)

I hope the story is to your liking. I've never written a romance before, nor have I ever considered it, so it was pretty challenging.

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An Exploration


A quiet game where you explore a strange place. Made using backgrounds from an unfinished lightgun zombie shooter game.

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Pirate Kart 2
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