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Psychological dadaist game about little Tetris T block that doubts its purpose in life and wants to be free. In fact, he always wanted to become a tree! And now he can, thanks to this amazing creation. You must guide little T in his explorations of the world beyond what he has known all his life. You can also guide little T in her explorations of the world beyond what she has known all her life. (Up to you - in any case he's pink and she's pink too.) But watch out - the unknown world is big and full of dangers and seductions! T must go where no Tetris block has gone before...

Use the keyboard arrows to guide little T / ESC to quit - the basic mantra of glorious games.
Remember: save the Treetris.exe file to the Desktop or some other folder before launching the game! Don't run it straight from the .zip file unless you're curious to see my FEIG error box.

Soundtrack: "Layers" by Space Explorer(s) -

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Cheese Chaser


you're a cheese slice.

on the subway tracks.

there are mice.

and rats.


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