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A bit of Video Graffiti.

A short science-horror story of survival and self-rescue.

Just a small experiment in item conservation and economy of movement.

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An event
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Suburban Terror in Wonderland


Eat all the stuff before the other mouth eat. Arrow keys to move.

Sample in the title screen from Racionais MCs' song "Pânico na Zona Sul": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToUzoWsoV60

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Eyeball 3D: Maze of Felsh


Made using a really awful program called The 3D Gamemaker. Because of this, you will probably have issues even running the game... let me know if you can get it working! If it says 'runtime error ###' or the screen starts flashing black and white at a rapid pace, know that it's an issue with the program I can do nothing about. EDIT: but you can! If running the game fails, delete directory C:\Windows\Temp\AckGame and it might start working. Thanks EffBee!

Play at your own risk, obviously.

If it won't run (or if you can't be bothered trying) I uploaded a video playthrough. If the game looks like this, you could try playing this version.

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An event
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Probably the most wrecktastic thing I've ever done with Knytt Stories. Enjoy!

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Give Yourself Klikbumps

Picture 11.png

Give yourself goosebumps with Give Yourself Klikbumps, with a grand total of ten and a half endings to find! With absolutely no relation to the book series by R. L. Stine. None at all, ever.

The zip file contains Windows, Mac and Linux versions.

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An event
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Ghost Attack


Defend yourself against the ghosts' attack.
Shine your torch on them using your mouse to stop them getting closer and click on pumpkins to get points.
10 pumpkins gain you an extra life.

Completed in just about 2 hours. My 2nd entry to a Klik ever!

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An event
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An Exploration


A quiet game where you explore a strange place. Made using backgrounds from an unfinished lightgun zombie shooter game.

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Pirate Kart 2
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