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From the mind of somebody who misread a licence plate and decided to make a game based off of the resulting title, comes....


Q: Just WHO did all the mind-blowing soundtracks for this game?

Q: What IS a ghost mump?

Q: How CAN I find and harness the power of a ghost mump?

Q: Can YOU win the Goblet of Grrggaarr before the year 2015??

Q: Just HOW do I skip a significant portion of the game because of that one level (Level 6) that randomly glitches and becomes an awful sludgy mess to play for no good reason?


**Actually for the last one, should Level 6 break for you, close and re-open the game, and under the Game menu, enter the password "itbroke" to skip to Level 6 (with a minor score penalty). And for the first one, the music is by "S"!

GHOST MUMPS: EPISODE 1 is an action packed platformer to no end (it can be replayed infinity times!). It features 10 intense (after the tutorial I guess) levels that will keep you up at night trying to figure out!

Keep your eyeballs stuck to this screen for the upcoming exciting GHOST MUMPS: EPISODE 2: THE THIEVES OF GHASTLY GHOST MUMP MUCK SWAMP MANSION!

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Daddy I'm Scared


"Kids, get in the car."
"Daddy, what are those noises?"
"Get in the car! Everyone in the car!"
"John, what's going on?"
"We're getting out of here. Come on, come on!"
"Daddy why's the car shaking?"
"John, please tell me what's happening!"
"Mommy stop shouting at Daddy!"

Left, right - turn wheel
Up - accelerator
An arrow indicates the direction of something loud.

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An event

Delve Deep


Windows and OS X builds in the same Zip file!

Dig down... but make very sure you can still climb back out to the surface again!

Arrow keys - move
Z - jump
X - dig down, left or right

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An event
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Cosmic Drifter


Drifting in the cosmos, hoping for rescue. The cosmic drifter.

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2
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An Exploration


A quiet game where you explore a strange place. Made using backgrounds from an unfinished lightgun zombie shooter game.

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Pirate Kart 2
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