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Gooshlands Gathering


These worlds were formed from many oozes, of slimy substances that pound, mix and mash.
The slippery sludges of daily mundanity converge into a lake of strange splendor, and The Gooshlands are born.

This is a pack of four worlds you can explore in Katelabs:

  • Gooshlands, a mish-mash created via a collaboration with several friends
  • Desert Pilgrimage, a map which sends you on a long journey across red-hot dunes
  • Magic Carpet, in which rainbow carpets shoot sparkles to stress-test your PC
  • Boxforest, a ghostly indoor grove

These worlds are in open beta, and more will be added to them over time, probably.

Make sure your copy of Katelabs is up to date before you begin.

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Caketown Double Feature


This is a pack of two worlds you can explore in Katelabs:

  • Caketown, a handful of buildings on top of a massive chocolate cake
  • Shipping Society, another town, this one constructed entirely of shipping crates

These worlds are in open beta, and more will be added to them over time, probably.

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Glassware: When Everything Isn't Crystal Clear- Merry Klikmas Fizzhog!

casual captuer first sceen.PNG

A Klikmas Game for Fizzhog.
Fizzhog asked for:
I want it to be over the top --- I'd say maybe

Something about the theatre and stage sets --- Check

Glass - there must be glassware--- More than you can handle

A story - pure melodrama --- Kind of. I'm more of a comedy person but there is some!

I want game assets that can be freely re-used - I may want to make something in response - Included!

Lots of characters--- YES!

Good luck in there! I hope you enjoy it!

***Potential problems- there is a short video file that plays in two of the scenes. If you have it open to full screen you cannot see the text. I can't figure out how to fix it.
Also- I'm bad at spelling (sorry!).

***Fixed Sergio reported bugs. Ignored Clyde reported misspellings

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Spike the Soup

Screenshot (174).png

This game is a little buggy and broken but for once I'm actually pleased with the experience as a whole. Just a dumb comedy game about a lady assassin poisoning some soup.

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Hostile Interview


You're close to landing the perfect job and the only thing standing between you and six-figure glory in one final interview. Maybe it's something else that's interview-related. Either way, you need to prepare for any and everything they can possibly throw at you. Web searches turn up little, and you're drawing a blank. What can you do when the interview is tomorrow?

Hostile Interview virtually puts you in the same room as a powerful CEO who is hangry and late for another thing that was scheduled on top of your interview, because who are you to dictate their schedule? Take a seat as This boss throws everything they can at you until you either break or emerge more confident in your ability to answer weird and challenging questions.

Hostile Interview is a non-serious game about answering awful or weird questions from an angry interviewer. I made this after realizing that people sometimes find it hard to take a step back and question themselves objectively.

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Maze of Color


Find out what color she wants to be painted.
There are seven colors and you have to paint a background, her, and some details.
Kind of a sequel to "Maze of Darkness".


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2hrs 1man show


This is what comedy is like.
You are a prop comic with nothing prepared for your 2 hour 1 man show.
Break a leg!

Press different keys to see if things work.

When objects collide sometimes you get extra points.
You can only do specific things so often.

Edit: There's a new version that works and is MMF2. The original 1 hour version is still attached.
The MMF2 version is way too hard, the KnP version is way too easy.

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Vindication is a traditional RPG created in RPG Maker 2003 over the course of more than five years. It uses a real-time battle system similar to Final Fantasy games from the SNES and PSX eras. The game is about 15-30 hours long and features several side-quests and multiple difficulty settings, with eight major playable characters.

Vindication is a constant barrage of off-the-wall comedy; a game where eccentric characters encounter absurd situations non-stop. The humor assaults the player at full-speed as the characters are assaulted by 80s style robots from the future, struck by meteors, and forced to take pity on villains who try their best to be evil but fail miserably. But in its more serious moments, Vindication is primarily the story of one man, James Clyde. His quest for revenge against those who have wronged him rules his life, but begins to conflict with his desire to protect his daughter, while a force capable of destroying the world is left unchecked, even encouraged. It is an epic tragedy hidden within a whirlwind of wacky hijinks and terrible puns.

While unarguably a story-driven game, Vindication also strives to create a meaningful challenge for the player. Each character has a unique set of abilities which must be utilized to their fullest to overcome a variety of obstacles. Constant party changes and splits keep you on your toes and require you to come up with new battle strategies constantly, while still rewarding you for developing your team members and building your strength. On the harder difficulty setting, the game plays almost like a survival horror game, with very limited resources and no way to replenish them, forcing you to manage your items wisely in order to survive the dungeons and defeat the bosses, which are stronger and faster than usual.

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Hay Bale Madness!


Something about a hay bale, rolling down a hill, don't hit the other hay bales... or something...

Adrian Gordon (Code) + Arran Langmead (Art)
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