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I've been poking at this game on and off over the past month or so and I've gotten to a point where I think I'm done with it. I got rid of all the major performance problems so the game can now run to completion no matter what image you choose or how crappy your computer is. (Unless you have a pretty old computer) I also added a shiny new UI (The first time I've ever made a UI) and made the color palette more interesting. There are a bunch of other smaller changes that I don't remember specifically.

So anyway, if you tried the game before, please give it another shot.


This program will ask you to select an image. It will then turn that image into a terrain map which you use to create an island paradise. Your island will then be colonized by a ship full of pixels who will multiply and begin to convert the landscape into industrial sprawl. There is no interaction; the effect is supposed to be more like watching an ant farm than playing a game.

I've attached some images that work particularly well.

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