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Sergio Cornaga, Procrastinator: 2032 Edition


In this latest instalment in the Sergio Cornaga, Procrastinator franchise, we look to the future.

Background animations based on work by motionstock.

Use the arrow keys to move... through time.

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Zombie Killer


This was my 2nd game made with Stencyl.
Old archived webpage: (btw when l ask about WHO HACKED IT, l didn't know l mistakely had put permissions lol)

---------------Old Description: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hello guys.
This is my 2nd game that l made with Stencyl.
l don't wanna make you got tired so play freely or read this information:
Oh noes...
Zombies and other mobs entered in the Earth to kill you and you must pass Levels to unlock weapons and new mobs. You unlock 1 mob and 1 weapon when you pass each 3 Levels.
How to Play:

Practise Mode:
Spacebar: Use sword.
Click on "Spawn Zombie!!!" button to spawn a zombie.
Normal Mode:
- At level 2 and later...
- Up Arrow: Make Player Jump.
Click on weapons to use them.
End of The Demo...
Left Arrow: Move Player Left.
Right Arrow: Move Player Right.
- Warning: The has lots of bugs that l'll fix them later.
OR tell in the comments the bugs.
Future Updates:
- l'll fix those bugs.
- Add 5 more maps.
And other more things... (which l didn't do sadly :'( )
Game Created: Chris24XD
App Used: Stencyl

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Welcome to the Rohrerdome


Jason Rohrer is going to break into your house.

You have time to prepare- then, you must find out if you can survive 5 minutes trapped in a room with Jason Rohrer.

Complete the game and you get to play my acclaimed art piece "passage".

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Hi folks,

I made a halloween mini-survival horror, containing brutal mutilation and some black humor. Hope you enjoy it!

Special thanks goes out to Rylie James Athomas for betatesting and reporting myriads of bugs. If you find any still, give me a ring!

Bless y'all

Jan Strach

edit: walking up with wood, bethbeast in kitchen, lives in dining room fixed - new version is up.

Jan Strach
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Island Survival Simulation 2017


I was messing around in Unity and a game came out?!?!!? It's pretty short and goofy and is not really a simulation?!??!!

Move with WASD and mouse! If you see a letter, move close, look at it and click it!

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Sergio Cornaga, Procrastinator: 2017 Edition


The contemporary remaster of Sergio Cornaga, Procrastinator that the fans demanded.

Background animations by Bees & Bombs.
Sound sampled from chibi-tech - Neuromageddon (arthur x medic remix).
Submitted jointly and belatedly to Slice of Life 2017.

Use the arrow keys to move... to the eXtreme.

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An event
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Snowbot Cosmonaut


Endless survival in the frozen wastes.

Enter to start
F2 to restart
Space to shoot
Arrow keys to move

Starts in full screen mode
Alt+Enter should exit full screen mode

Soundtrack included

Libra V. Lahaie
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An event
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PROTECT EVERYTHING: All at once (from robots)



Your 5 most precious treasures have been besieged! By ROBOTS!

Use the mouse to move, and keys 1 to 5 to teleport from valuable to valuable, dispatching robots with your ninja reflexes and sword. Survive for as long as possible, though in the end, ROBOTS ALWAYS WIN.

Also R restarts.

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An event
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