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Snowbot Cosmonaut


Endless survival in the frozen wastes.

Enter to start
F2 to restart
Space to shoot
Arrow keys to move

Starts in full screen mode
Alt+Enter should exit full screen mode

Soundtrack included

Libra V. Lahaie
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PROTECT EVERYTHING: All at once (from robots)



Your 5 most precious treasures have been besieged! By ROBOTS!

Use the mouse to move, and keys 1 to 5 to teleport from valuable to valuable, dispatching robots with your ninja reflexes and sword. Survive for as long as possible, though in the end, ROBOTS ALWAYS WIN.

Also R restarts.

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Mummy Apocalypse 2014


It is 2014 and the dead have risen from the grave!

No, not zombies. Mummies.

(There was an embalming fad in 2013)

Unfortunately, you prepared for a zombie apocalypse instead so you are completely helpless against the mummy onslaught.

Thankfully they are very flammable and friction from moving too quickly will cause the mummies to catch fire and burn to ashes.

Survive as long as you can.

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Cobalt Carousel


Cobalt Carousel is an innovative dungeon crawler using the plastic engine. Sweet beats ride while defeating monsters, overcoming avalanches, and trying to figure out why mankind shape-shifts into dreadful. The map is actually on top of a zoomed in blue version of the carousel in question, and it is your mission to escape. Not too much plot involved, just grinding and unwinding on the creepy crawlers of this dungeon.

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GT Saturday Specials: Knytt Stories
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Yellow Jogger Survival Challenge


Based on the example by Smedis2 in his Anniversary Preview, for you interest here is the legendary "Yellow Jogger Survival Challenge."

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Bulb Boy Infinity


With literally 4 minutes left of GDC Play, here it is, my 25th and (I think) last submission to the Pirate Kart.

This is a sequel to my previous game, The Adventures of Bulb Boy, and this game might make more immediate sense if you've played that one. Instead of clearing levels, in this one, you're killing as many enemies as you can before you die yourself.

X: Jump
Z: Raise wand to attract electricy
C: Switch on and off coils

John D. Moore
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My platforming game staring SGT Lollipop! Just try to survive!

In game instructions should tell you how to do stuff.

Created using C++, DX9.

Thanks to all who play!

-JC Ricks (@CSPshala)

JC Ricks
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Pat the Phat Jetpack Cat!



A twin-stick bullet hell shooter sequenced to music! It's just like being in a music video!

* 100 points for enemies!
* If an enemy touches an explosion, it will explode too, setting off a chain reaction! This awards a bonus 100 for each explosion!
* Explosions will also destroy fireballs! 10 points for every fireball destroyed!
* -500 points for getting hit!

You can't die! Instead, the aim is to earn as many points as you can before the song ends (the green bar at the bottom represents song length). Try not to get hit! That tip's for free!

SUPPORTS XBOX GAMEPADS! WOW! Keyboard controls are the arrow keys and WASD.

Music: Goodmorning Sun by Qua (
Music used without permission, go buy his stuff so he doesn't sue (also it's rad).

The .NET Framework 4.0 Redistributable and the XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0 Refresh are required to play.

Hulk Handsome
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