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Fungilluminati - For Nuuup


Happy Klikmas, Nuuup! Enjoy FUNGILLUMINATI! :D

I can honestly say this is the most unusual game I've ever developed. At the same time, it's a fitting tribute to SON SON, one of my favourite classic arcade games developed by Capcom in the 80's.

Use the ARROW KEYS to select a menu option. Press SHIFT to make your choice.
Move your mushroom with the ARROW KEYS. You can also jump with the UP ARROW or SHIFT key. Drop down to the next lower level by pressing the DOWN key. You constantly shoot, so there's no need to press any buttons or keys to do that.
To win, shoot anything that moves, and collect anything that doesn't. Avoid the lava at the bottom of the screen, as it will hurt your sometimes.

Here's Nuuup's wishlist:
-Weird potatoes flying around the screen
-A tortoise that won' t SHUT UP
-A talking piece of poo that talks like a busy New Yorker
-A player that is a yellow mushroom
-A crudely drawn naked girl that is the Illuminati Top Model
-A drunken werewolf that wants to eat your face
-An agressive Totoro plush toy

I'm working on the Flash version of the game, but there are some bugs to work out first.

Everyone have fun. :)

EDIT: Last update 3 January 2015. Level restart bug and audio bugs now fixed, and now the player can jump with the UP ARROW key.
(my tradition of continually updating and fixing small issues after the initial release continues in full force...)

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A tool for making a four-page zine. You don't get to write or draw though. Hypothetically you could take the images from the screenshot-folder and add that content if you are especially motivated. Enjoy!

Made for Ragzouken who asked for:
* tools
* zines
* paradise
* patterns

//WARNING: Don't resize the window after you pick your resolution. The game locks up when the scene changes and your zine does't get saved in the screenshots folder. I'm not sure how to solve it yet.

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Doctor Larson's Death Gauntlet


A Pac-Man remake I made for a friend of mine. This link is to a Flash version of the game.

EDIT: did one teeny-tiny update to provide a subtle patterned background for the game screens (not seen in the screen shots, which I'm too lazy to update). It looked a bit too empty without it.

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