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Short action/arcade/high-score game.

Inspired by the appropriation of African American culture in the witch house genre of electronic music. Fighting games/90's Capcom games take the place of trap music and action/arcade takes the place of electronic/house music.

The Mac and PC versions are different as the PC version has a paste to background effect.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Spoilers: "Liam Costa: Armor Diplomacy"


I made a fangame for Mass Effect: Andromeda.
There are spoilers for the "Liam Costa: Armor Diplomacy" quest.

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Lovely Warriors of Friendship


A Megaman-esque platformer with a goal of spreading love, friendship, and innocence.


Play as one of many warriors of friendship of your choosing, with a choice of characters from many series, the most important being Precure, My Little Pony, and Pokemon.

Choose from over 70 playable characters! Play as your favorite cure or pony, or choose that indie game character that stood out to you!

Reform Discord, and take down Tirek!

Defeat and reform the unlovely forces of the Phantom Empire!

Flying mode with even more characters, using a completely different control style.

Play as many cute characters, including Satori, Spiritia, Princess Luna and Meloetta.

Rokko Chan, Spiritia, and Mega Pony can obtain weapons by defeating bosses.

Play as a sparkling shiny pokemon, or have the Happiness Charge Precure change into alternate forms.

Some characters have extra abilities, such as melee attacks, double jumps and dashes.

This game gives you "lovely hearts" whenever you complete certain tasks in the game. You might know of this idea as "achievements" or "trophies". However, hearts are much more awesome than golden medals or cups. Hasn't anyone ever told you that money can't buy you love?

The game runs almost entirely off borrowed or mixed resources. I believe unoriginal is the new original!

Proud to announce that the game has "Megpoid Talk" as the menu voice. AKA The voice of Megumi Nakajima/Gumi/Cure Lovely/Cure Unlovely/Meloetta.

The game is completely free, and family friendly!

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Yoshi's Quest - For Dattorz


My game for Dattorz who likes Yoshi's, among other things!


Collect the lost Yoshi eggs and send them down the pipe!

  1. Control key to collect things/spit them out
  2. Shift key to move stones

Known bugs:

You are sometimes able to carry more than one thing in your mouth. You shouldn't be. If this happens just spit them out, take a step back, and collect them again. They will be separated.

You can't collect things that you're right next to if they are overlapping an obstacle. If this happens, take a step back and try again.

Hope you enjoy, merry Christmas and happy new year!

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