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Do you know how many sharks lurk in the oceans? Nobody does. All that we know is that there are over 400 different breeds, so the total number is probably almost infinite. It's a harrowing thought.

In Call of the Shark, you must find a safe course across shark-infested waters. It won't be easy - these creatures are as cunning as they are bloodthirsty. Luckily, as the Nameless Mariner, you are wise to the ways of the shark... yet weary of your role in the eternal game of cat and mouse. Is the greatest enemy really a giant fish, or is the true struggle between one man and his philosophy?

Call of the Shark is inspired by the fear the shark inspires in all of us. It can be downloaded for free with the proviso that this download includes blood and mildly strong language.


A game I helped my partner to make. We dusted off our discounted copy of TGF2 (thanks, Glorious Trainwrecks) and this masterpiece/monstrosity resulted. I figured you folks would dig it, so I've crossposted it here.

selkie + mal
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