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Super Orange Tycoon Thing 2 - The Mystery Of The Lemons


They say there was once a guy who managed to find a way to use "Fruit Alchemy" to create Strawberries out of nowhere, and turn them into delicious Oranges. He also managed to gain enough money from his invention to buy a luxurious manor. After the news of his success spread, more people have started learning the art of Fruit Alchemy, there are even people who claim they can create Lemons, a mysterious fruit of which not much is known. But anyways, you decided it was time to make it big, and used your life earnings to buy a small patch of land and hire one of these "Fruit Alchemists". Hopefully, you have what it takes to be an...

Orange Tycoon

Super Orange Tycoon Thing 2 - The Mystery Of The Lemons, the sequel nobody was waiting for! Top features of this game include:
- All the characters from the first game, plus a few more.
- An advanced upgrade system (For KnP standards, at least).
- Cookie Clicker-like hiring system.
- Too many fruits 7.8/10.
- 10 to 15 minutes worth of gameplay on a single frame.
Mouse used to control everything. You can press F1 for instructions on how to play. But for the proper experience i recommend you figure things out yourself as they appear.

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Super Orange Tycoon Thing


This is the result of me trying to implement some kind of upgrade system in KnP

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The Littlest Death Machine


I've always wanted to make Contra with Mouseaim, but life has a way of getting in the way. Fortunately, I had an excuse to hack together this game during the few evenings when I wasn't totally worn out from my jorb.

Play until you die, basically. That's a good life philosophy.

Leo Burke
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PowerUp Man!


You're stuck in invalid memory and must keep your health topped up by collecting powerups missed by players of other games, if you run out of hp the garbage collector will COLLECT YOU!! D:

Like A Sir DLC pack also available... whut

Adrian Gordon
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SHOOT AT THINGS is a game where you shoot at things



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Pirate Kart 2
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