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Fwoosh! (updated again)


EDIT 2; Added two new game modes!
EDIT 1; Fixed a bug where some sound effects would play even when muted.

Help a tiny little catstronaut avoid space rocks as they fwoosh through outer space in search of delicious Starberries!
Grab the Starberries to fill up your Fwoosh meter~

You can use any of the following keys to play:
X, Shift, Control, Space

'M' to toggle the sound on/off
'Escape' to instantly quit the game
'ALT' + 'ENTER' to toggle full screen on/off

Made with Game Maker, so it's Windows only, I think? Sorry!
This is my first ever actual game made with Game Maker so if it lags or crashes horribly or causes any other sort of mischief, I'm so sorry!!
Please tell me and I'll try my best to fix it as soon as possible!

Thank you so much for downloading and playing this little thing.
I'd love it if you'd post your high scores!

The game will save your best score in a .ini file, which Game Maker hides away somewhere I don't even know. (I tried to make it save to the game's folder, but couldn't figure it out) If you want to delete that, just press the 'Delete' key on the title screen and it will delete your score and the file for you!

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