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1hgj - Cookie Wizard


COOKIE WIZARD, made for the One Hour Game Jam. The theme was MAGIC.

Use the ARROW KEYS to guide the Cookie Wizard's magical energies to the enormous cookie on the other side of the dungeon. The faster you do it, the more points you will earn! Adding SUGAR or BUTTER to your cookie will make it even tastier (and you'll earn more points).

Playable in nearly any browser. Enjoy!

Event coding and some graphics by me. Background graphics, background music, and wizard sprite by Clickteam. Victory sound from Centipede (Atari, 1982).

PS: Sorry this does not include Spindley Q. Wizard. I've been sick.

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An event
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1hgj - Nobody Likes You


NOBODY LIKES YOU, a game originally made for the One Hour Game Jam. The theme was Danger Zone.

You are a clown, trying to make a living. Collect the coins as they appear, but avoid the flags and the atoms they launch at you. To stay safe, you can hide in your Base at the center. Now updated to version 1.1, with an improved interface, background music, and a true Escape from New York vibe. This is one badass clown.


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An event
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Wakey Wakey Eggs n' Bakey


WAKEY WAKEY EGGS N' BAKEY, made for the Klik of the Month Klub IRL. Made almost entirely with Clickteam ass(ets).

Wake all the monks, and feed them their breakfast. Try for a high score!

Jump and Double-Jump: SHIFT
Launch Projectile: Z


(sorry this is late)

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An event
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1hgj - Falling


FALLING, a game made for the One Hour Game Jam. The theme this time was Fall.

Use your ARROW KEYS or gamepad to move around. Collect the gems and land your skydiver on the target. If you don't land on the target, you explode. If you do land on the target (and this should be abundantly clear, now that I've had a little time to fix a couple things), you double your current score.

Try to beat your high score. ENJOY!

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An event
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Personal Space Invaders


PERSONAL SPACE INVADERS, an advergame for the Glorious Trainwrecks x Babycastles exhibition.

Move left and right with the ARROW KEYS. Shoot dynamite at the enemies with the Z KEY. Win by blowing them all up, and a special message will be revealed (three guesses as to what it is...). Features the gripping "Burundian Adventure" soundtrack.

Hope this is useful for the exhibition. Enjoy!

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An event
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1hgj - Simple Lockpicker


SIMPLE LOCKPICKER, for the One Hour Game Jam. The theme this time was Theft.

I tried to recreate the lockpicking mechanism from what I remembered of the old-skool NES game AD&D: Hillsfar. Use your mouse to move your lockpick back and forth to touch the tumblers. Raise and lower tension in the lock with the Z and X keys. When all tumblers say OK, you've opened the lock.

I overreached with this one... But it's a good start for something done in an hour.

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An event
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Launch Thine Baby Into Castle Yonder


LAUNCH THINE BABY INTO CASTLE YONDER, an advergame for the Glorious Trainwrecks @ Babycastles event. I hope this is useful. In HTML5, so any browser should be able to play it.

Does someone want to send the link around? How should I post this on GameJolt and other places?

I did everything in my power to ensure all assets originated with Clickteam. It's a triumph, as far as I'm concerned. IT HAS PARALLAX SCROLLING, BY JOVE!

Note: Date is corrected, and now displays 29th March as the exhibition start date.

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An event
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1hgj - Moon


My first 1 Hour Game Jam entry. Theme is "Moon."

In this game, you mash certain keyboard buttons to transform people into werewolves.

Made in Clickteam Fusion Dev. Sounds made with BFXR.

For Windows only at this point. Enjoy!

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An event
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You are bicycling home. It is late at night.

You check the weather report. Chance of precipitation: 100%.

This is no ordinary rain.

Happy Birthday, GT! :D

Press the ENTER, SPACE, CTRL, or SHIFT key to begin the game while PLAY is highlighted on the title screen.

->Move your bicyclist with the ARROW KEYS.
->Shoot flaming arrows with SHIFT.
->Toss bombs with CTRL.

Making an attack takes away a certain amount of energy. The bad news is if you run out of energy then you lose. The good news is your energy will slowly replenish as you ride.

You can win the game by defeating the evil cloud or by bicycling all the way home. You can lose the game by running out of energy or if too many spiders make it past you.


Event structure by let-off studios. Sprites mostly by Clickteam. Sounds by clickteam or made by let-off studios in BFXR. Background music by Play-On-Loop. I was inspired completely by the Random Creative Idea Generator to make and name this game. All resources linked on the game's "About" frame. If you would like to see the source MFA file, just let me know.

EDIT: Disabled one of my debugging events that would cause the spider counter to go up unbidden. You shouldn't die so quickly from spiders now.

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An event
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Her Universe


Happy Klickmas, mr._a ! I made a game for you. I hope you enjoy it. :)

Her Universe is a mouse-driven puzzle, where you use trial-and-error to assemble the pieces of a mixed-up story. Lots of audio recordings and a search on YouTube for strange atmospheric sounds made this one a lot of fun to make. I went out of my comfort zone for this one.

mr._a's wishlist included:

i will live forever
the universe makes sense
there is hope
i can hear a body gouging at the wall and shrieking
i hope they bring wine!


in lieu of air, a thick pudding


the comfortable warmth of pissing slowly down one trouser-leg


Some graphics and all event coding by let-off-studios. Voices by let-off-studios and DKA. Other sound effects made with bfxr.

Icons from

Story content inspired entirely from the Random Creative Idea Generator:

...and from randomly-selected action words at Random Lists:

Radio noise found via YouTube:

Ambient sounds also found on YouTube (and this is fascinating):

Enjoy, and "thank you for play!"

EDIT: Made one small change, and now the game is just a bit easier to finish in one go.

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An event
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