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Mass Effect: Andromeda Spoilers: "Liam Costa: Armor Diplomacy"


I made a fangame for Mass Effect: Andromeda.
There are spoilers for the "Liam Costa: Armor Diplomacy" quest.

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Save a Baby


A flickgame where you can save a baby. Made during my lunch breaks at the day job. Content inspired by the random creative idea generator:


This game inspired by Nuuup/pouls and his "Scab Simulator" series of flickgames. Thanks to increpare and Clickteam for making game-making programs and providing me the chance to do stuff like this in my spare time. Thanks to Spindley Q for hosting GT.

Enjoy, and "Thank you for play!"

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the YEAR is 2044. YOU are a down-on-your-luck private investigator, trying to eke out a living amongst the MEGACORPs and CRIMINAL SYNDICATES of the post-industrial METROPOLIS.

an amnesiac detective...
a mysterious face...
a betrayal...
please play this music in the background as you explore the world of CYBUNK.
[rated PEGI 18 - mature themes]

(another one of these. after the events of the american election, everyone should probably familiarise themselves with survival techniques for horrible cyberpunk dystopias. all material used was stolen/repurposed from google images)

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Made to compensate for CYOA. Still not very dada. Uses rhetoricstu's mod, which I've given a new (hopefully more permanent) home.

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Flood Fill


Based on something that happens to me way to much when making flickgames.

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i think nuuup likes toilets

just another flickgame :)

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Small Mammals and Progress


As complex as a flickgame gets. Confusing. Ambiguous.

Trainwrecks are art (at least mine are, but I'm pretty sure all other trainwrecks are art too, including even those that are definitely not, and excluding a professional-looking game of some dude who is more popular than me in some other circles that got no comments at all, hahaha serves him right for being successful), so provide some artistic analysis!

Check it out, or at least read the tags.

Also there's a cheat option implemented so don't use it.

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How much mileage can you get out of clicking Mabel's face? The answer may not surprise you.

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