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You Have to Put the Machine in the Juni


Contains two endings. One of them makes perfect sense, one doesn't.

2018 UPDATE: Now adheres more strictly to Knytt Underground canon (i.e. Juni always has black limbs now) and includes another secret bonus ending. Tell all your friends!

2018 UPDATE EDIT: There were some exclamation points that weren't colored in correctly.

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Juni Gets a Food

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This level was made as part of Knytt of the Month Club #9.

In this grand adventure, Juni must get a food from her fridge, but such a task may prove more difficult than she thinks!

Challenge/Scenic/Misc. Small. Normal difficulty.

UPDATE: New version released. Following changes:
*Fixed a pair of void screens, replacing them with... something else.
*Added some leaf effects in the Broken Bulwarks areas.
*Tweaked the last challenge to make it slightly less annoying.

Recommended to get the updated file if you have the old one.

UPDATE 2: New version released. Following changes:
*Fixed grass at beginning of bulwarks which was on layer 3. Now on layer 2.

Get update at your leisure.

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