An artgame about the horrors of war.


This is an untitled artgame about the horrors of war. There is no way to win. This game also features death, which is a complex moral choice never attempted before by any medium. This is the only alternative you have besides witnessing the horror you have unleashed and all the lives you have taken. Again, please be aware that this game is art.

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A pretty deep improvement of my recent KOTMK entry, markovlove360 uses all the works sent into in 2004 to create a web community / computer /human collaboration tool, using markov chains for statistical textual analysis as the basis for computer-augmented lyrical composition.

Simply move the mouse to highlight the next word you want, and click to select. The most recent 2 words selected define what options are available for the next word; those options are the set of words that followed that word pair within the body of work from the blender, scaled by frequency (the more often a word followed a word pair, the larger its piece of the pie.)

"S" saves the current work to a text file in the same directory, "C" clears the page, and "R" sets a Random Robot to do the selection for you

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