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Ratz For Dinner

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An anecdotal story about what might happen if you devour a Ratt, or what might happen regardless, bundled in a little rpg/walking/pilgrimage sim.

Play as a Ratt that was mistaken for a food, and slowly disease the consumers body by dismantling various vital organs.

- Disease Action
- 6 Viruses You CAN Contract (that do nothing)
- Make a person steadily less healthy over a short period of time.

Notify me if there are any troubles downloading or playing, i'll attempt to remedy them! (Windows only (presumably) but take a crack at it if ya want)

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An event
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Innerspace Taxi


Inject your flying taxi into Martin Short and prepare for adventure! Shuttle red blood cells around! Crash if you land too hard! Marvel at the complex Klik & Play physics, completely built with KNP events!

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Pirate Kart 2
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