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Last Game of the Year 2020 (Last GOTY 2020)


they said it couldn't be done...... But it was! despite trying to talk myself out of it, I did it!

First Game:
Second Game:

A hidden object game. It's scaled down from the previous one, but there's still plenty here

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An event
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Last Game of the Decade 2019 (Last GOTD 2019)


Hidden object game.

Way more detail in this one. More to collect, more types of thing to collect, items, quests, more characters, locked doors, more variety in places... I started this all the way back in March and I think this is one of my best. I've been developing it in secret for ages. Months of work has gone into it. Even after starting it so early, it still came down to the wire. Hope you enjoy it!

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An event
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Last Game Of The Year 2018 (Last GOTY 2018)


Hidden object game

Right Click: open inventory
Left Click: click stuff

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An event
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last of the salad days

last screenshot.png

Made for Knytt Swapsies. Started by hugs and finished by Fubaka.

I shan't explain this.

Playground/Misc./Easy - Medium

UPDATE: Fixed the credits.

hugs & Fubaka
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An event
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