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Critter Constellations


Arrange the insects (and spiders) so that the lines do not overlap. 

Arachnophobia? You can hide spiders in the setting! (gear symbol)

(Drag the interface element on the line to the left to start the game)

"Critter Constellations" was a little holliday project, that I finally got to finish. I would describe it as a small atmospheric puzzle game with low-res/ps1 graphics. If you find planarity games as relaxing as I do, or like insects, you should take a look, even if only to forget about it in a browser tab and wonder where the wonderful soundtrack by spiders comes from.

Credits: Gameplay based on "Planarity" by John Tantalo:​ Read more here:

Music and Soundeffects by spiders:

3D Modells and Textures:
Earthhole: "WW Studios" Joshua Whitney (​​, "Pit in Ground" on Blenderkit​ (, edited by Jonas Eschner

Bolder: (unknown artist), "Stone" on Blenderkit​ (, edited by Jonas Eschner

Font: PicNic by Marielle Nils(


Pickup: kissPop3 by MagnificentMood:​

Grasshopper singing by zouliangqaz​: 

flying_insect by reg7783​:

Cicady - nature insect sound by reg7783​:

insect_bee_fly_buzz.wav​ by bajko​:​

Insect buzz scurry heast bug electrical distorted pbol 77mel 190906.flac​ by TRP:

Backgroundsounds: Autumn leaves falling on forest floor, moderate wind (loopable)​ by Mjeno:​​

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Horror Movie: Life of Insect-Kid


Horror Movie: Life of Insect-Kid

Content Warning for Insects

It's 1963... and you're the Insect Kid! What horrors await you?



Touch your human hand to move left

Touch your insect hand to move right



GAMES have more than one ending, for they are not books.


Art Credits:

Insect Creature in ending 2 drawn by Boxhead

Horror Movie lady unknown?

Background is,_VEB_Robotron_Elektronik_Dresden,_Computer_A_7100.jpg CC-BY-SA 3.0

Scientist from Half Life

Fly leg photographed by E.J. Spitta public domain

Vincent Price

William Marshall as Richard Daystrom in Star Trek

Ro-Man from Robot Monster

Gunman from Wild Gunman ripped by Ville10

Allison Hayes as Nancy Archer in Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

Caveman from Scooby-Doo!


Audio Credits:

Half Life

King's Field (JPN)

The Fly (1958)

Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

Robot Monster

Suburban Commando

The Tubes - Attack of the 50 Foot Woman


Thank you for playing. Happy Halloween.

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A tolerate-em-up about life in the desert. Can YOU withstand the fly onslaught without losing your mind?

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You are a young and ambitious sphere who feels ready to run for the president. Can you get the support of the majority in a country of two strongly opposing factions? Find out in this action puzzle game than only uses dark blue, yellow and magenta colors unless it uses gray. I made this game in two days after spending several days on having good intentions and producing absolutely nothing. Challenge yourself and spend ten minutes on this!

Or five minutes and fifty seconds. If you win the game this fast, you will be better than me.

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