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Hostile Interview


You're close to landing the perfect job and the only thing standing between you and six-figure glory in one final interview. Maybe it's something else that's interview-related. Either way, you need to prepare for any and everything they can possibly throw at you. Web searches turn up little, and you're drawing a blank. What can you do when the interview is tomorrow?

Hostile Interview virtually puts you in the same room as a powerful CEO who is hangry and late for another thing that was scheduled on top of your interview, because who are you to dictate their schedule? Take a seat as This boss throws everything they can at you until you either break or emerge more confident in your ability to answer weird and challenging questions.

Hostile Interview is a non-serious game about answering awful or weird questions from an angry interviewer. I made this after realizing that people sometimes find it hard to take a step back and question themselves objectively.

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The Trolley Problem


A chill paces through the air... dust settles on the tracks... A humble moral human is faced with a dilemma: A trolley speeds towards helpless humans who lie on both sides of two tracks. The human is given the ability to switch the tracks, but futilely, some will die. In addition, the human is given quotes of philosophers from throughout the ages at the click of a button. So then, who shall you save? The moral dilemma plaguing our modern minds finally comes to the world of interactive entertainment!

Concept, graphics: Gevaudan
Coding: YES

YES and Gevaudan
Made For: 
An event
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