marek you're so good at making games

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rotating meadows [for eels]

rotating meadows screenshot.png

♥ for eels
♥ boardgame in .psd format. .png version also available

♥ request:
Oooh, great idea to request worms Marek, yes.

Things i appreciate in Secret Santa games made for me in 2021:
- noise music (wolf eyes?+) [sorry]
- mid-20th century colorfield painting [bg of many squares]
- graffiti [kinda lol]
- Jorge Luis Borges [story inspired by his works kinda lol]
- recorded vocals [no sorry]
- kites [u]
- a game with lots of dialog or town signs or storefront signs, i guess i'm thinking lots of text too much text [too much text]
- works on linux or on the web [yes]
- archives, museums, libraries [not really sorry]

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calm mood rain sounds forest mushrooms


for marek mkapolk love u

calm mood
rain sounds

link to the Quaddicted page for this map:

rain sounds:

"oram" by fridge: (it was playing when i was writing that part)



note: although this was made for the quake engine, it's meant to be a twine. i'll post link to the map but you have to own quake in order to play it tomrow dec31 iis.]O:

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a platformer but u can only play with your heart ♥


a platformer but u can only play with your heart ♥

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1954 Cork Senior Hurling Championship


hi gt wont upload for some reason so ehre is dropbox link lol

okay i got really excited about these ideas i woke up at 6:37 and couldn’t help but do these today lol
1. at first i wanted to do a room with weird flesh body horor textures on low poly geometry but that was too hard for now so i decided to make it into the pacifist WASD tutorial i’ve been wanting to do for a year but havent lol
2. a maze you navigate only by normal map lol
3. a mazy well actually labyrinth lol where you only navigate by sound. for this one follow the bell sounds they start low pitched and get progressively higher pitched and touch the highest pitched one it sounds like fork hitting wine glass lol and it takes you to vicotyry screen. avoid the loq buzzing drones that means youre going in a bad direction

this was challeneg to myself to make ideas they were in my head for a frew months lol a challenge to make them today lol

fps by conceri

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to a jumbled slop of game assets i brought a certain... "order," if you will. but now, alas, *koff koff*, etc, i will not ...

Screenshot - 07162016 - 04:34:00 PM.png

... live to see my work completed. Take up the mantle, please!! I beg of you! Finish my life's work, pull blocks and monsters and items and icons from the big pile and put them where they should go. It's only rigiht, it's what you deserve. Please, for my legacy... go...

click & drag to move things around, hold space to cum

music is "Don't Stop Dreaming About Love" by cullen page

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