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Jesus: The Second Coming: Hamburger Flipper


Idea created using that trainwreck idea generator I made earlier:

"You are tasked with making a platform game starring Jesus as the protagonist, whose goal is to collect every Hamburger. Your trainwreck must utilize Win32 API abuse as a gimmick."

This game involves you, as Jesus, coming back down to earth in order to set up a hamburger stand. However, you need hamburgers to begin with, so you set out on a search across the mountains for burgers to sell at your burger stand. And then stuff happens.

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An event
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vomit hamburgers into elvis' mouth

made in 15 minutes

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An event
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God Save the King


Use your space jets to collect burgers for the King and fill him up with energy for his sold-out show!

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An event
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IGNORMAN is a super robot who is good at ignoring things like hamburgers

but he is a bit fragile

keep it together, IGNORMAN!

i don't even know anymore

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Pirate Kart 2
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