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Here you go mutantleg. I hope this is sci-fi enough for you. Enjoy.

Luminoul is a platformer puzzle game. It requires some dexterity and patience where the level design has flaws, but everything is playable and beatable.

I programmed it in Construct 2 in about two weeks after school let out for Christmas break. All the artwork is mine but the music and sound effects aren't.

mutantleg: I feel bad about hardly making anything this year.. but last xmas one went well so i guess i should enter..
For wishlist.. something in a fantasy or sci-fi setting

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Super Santa Nightmare


This is a game I've created for akair. Merry christmas and a happy new year!
What was requested: Nintendo, Snowy, Cozy, Puzzles (zelda-like), Mysteries, Adventures.
This is my very first Unity game, yay!

ARROW keys - Move santa
WASD keys - Rotate camera
SPACE (or J) - Jump
ALT+ENTER - Toggle fullscreen mode

Game objective:
Santa is late (again) and Jimmy wants his presents. Find and bring him all of his presents to finish the game.

Side quests (complete all side quests to get a "special ending"):
- Rescue a certain princess
- Meet every NPC

Fernando Aires Castello
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An important doctor has left to get milk. He entrusts you with his gewgaw machine. You shouldn't create gewgaws, but you do anyway, you kitten-huffing scumbag.

Created for mkapolk, who requested " little playground full of gewgaws that you can doink around and they'll buzz and sputz and interact with each other." Merry Klikmas, I hope you like it!

Everything is done with the mouse. Esc quits.

Playable in your browser or (fullscreen) on your Windows desktop.

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