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[I was rumaging around on my old computer and found a couple old Klik and Play games! They probably won't work on modern computers!]

So here's a story: I was at Global Game Jam in 2010, and was assigned to a team that didn't really know what they were doing. As I watched our programmer scratch his head, I was messing around in Klik and Play on my laptop because my art stuff was done. As the members of another group walked by us, one of them caught a glance of my screen and said: "Oh my God, is that *Klik and Play?*"

Dear reader, my new friend and I spent several sleepless, giddy hours that weekend coming up with absurd scenarios to add to this smorgasbord of Warioware-style goodness. The theme of that Global Game Jam was 'deception', and the idea was that there was a deceptive thing in each level. If I remember correctly, we decided against formally submitting it in case this was viewed as disrespectful to the organizers. But it was such a long time ago, I don't exactly remember. Anyway, good times! I remember it much better than the 'real' game we submitted. I think I didn't submit this here at the time because I lost contact with the person I worked with it on, but it's so far in the past it probably doesn't matter now. The moral of the story is that if someone recognizes KNP, they are good people.

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