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Lamp Flower Garden


A small environmental/playground Knytt Stories level I made rather quickly (for me anyway) using an idea I thought would suit the 2021 KS Un-epic Level Contest but ended up not using there. It's a very short one, although it features quite a lot of hidden secrets to be found, including a tiny special area you can unlock by collecting all four keys.

You can also play it in Knytt Stories Plus to enable a bonus collectible that doesn't unlock anything but looks kinda cool, if that's one of those things you can never have enough of!

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A Pilgrimage


Happy 11th birthday, VVVVVV! Here's the abandoned adaptation of The Pilgrim's Progress which I mentioned in my last upload here. Since that aspect of it is virtually invisible in this trimmed-down version, I thought about renaming the level "Vignettes" or "Vestiges" or something, but in the end I kept the original title.

Once again, the GIF above shows off the entire level, but if you still feel like downloading:

To install VVVVVV levels, extract the .zip file into the VVVVVV level folder, then run VVVVVV (or Make and Play Edition). The folder should be in one of these places depending on your OS:
OSX: …/Library/Application Support/VVVVVV/levels/
Linux: …/.local/share/VVVVVV/levels/

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Hi, I did a thing.
I will also be uploading this on nifflas.lpchip.nl under the username "canteven" which is why both names are shown on the title screen.
Also has a secret room in it with a toast fact (sort of)

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