Sergio Cornaga • Gliperal - An Impeccable Cat Hunt


This is the level created by Sergio Cornaga and Gliperal for Knytt Swapsies II. Sergio made the outdoors area, the house interior, and the basic mechanics, and I made the cave screens and secret areas. Because of the nature of what I attempted to create, this level ended up being quite monstrous in scope. As it stands, there are:

15467 lines in World.ini (that's more than Saving Thalanill, Cosmic Meltdown, and Cursed Gallery COMBINED)
46:1 screens to unique screens ratio (with 1114 screens, 24 of which are unique)
All done in 2 weeks (Sergio made his part super fast, so it still counts, right? :D)

As such, I definitely do not expect this thing to be bug free. I wanted to get it out in time for Swapsies, but I'll continue to tweak and amend the level. Update: the level has been tweaked and amended.

That's all for now. Enjoy!

Sergio Cornaga & Gliperal
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000000bestknyttauthor - bestknyttgame


This level speaks for itself, though I will mention that it's rather challenging. Not impossible, just difficult. It starts out as a sort of puzzle.

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Cursed Gallery - Last Area


A proposal for the last area in the Cursed Gallery KS collab level. It's about 38 screens long at this time (not counting duplicate rooms).

* The current segment ends at x1036y1005.

* x1027y1006 can only be accessed with the Eye and either the Double Jump (currently not placed anywhere) or the high jump. This room could be used as a secret or easter egg. x1034y1011 (requires the Double Jump) can also be used for a similar purpose.

Feel free to contribute in any way, either by posting a comment here (I'll try to update the first post with any links/attachments) or by importing this into the full level and editing it there (screens don't need to be relocated and there aren't any new COs, so it should be fairly simple to compile). Also, any feedback will be appreciated.

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Tropical Lima Beans


This is a very straightforward exploration-based area, focused mainly on visuals/ambience and the classic "find all power-ups in order to unlock the path to the exit" KS formula. There are a few very simple challenges here and there and a secret red artifact you can try to collect. Features custom graphics (tileset+gradient+a few COs) and a new ambience track I made by mixing some public domain sounds I got from FreeSound.org.

The screen with the umbrella leads to a dead end from where you can see a hollow area. I think this could be used for hiding another bonus and/or connecting to another area. Suggestions are welcome. The same goes for the background music (there's none at this moment, I can't decide if I should include a song or just let the custom ambience track do all the job).

Unique screens: 33 (not counting the duplicates used to fill up the sky)
Powers used: Run (available from the start), Climb, Double Jump, Umbrella, Eye, High Jump, Hologram.
Collectibles: Red artifact #1, Blue artifact #2.

* KS+ is required (uses artifacts, the overlay feature, a water OCO and an attachment for cave areas).

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Cursed Gallery Hub


This is supposed to be the starting area for the Another Knytt Stories Collaboration Level collab project (the proposed idea being "The Cursed Gallery"). It's currently 16 screens long.

Some notes that may or may not be of interest:

* Features a freshly new tileset made almost from scratch and a couple COs for the lighting effects. There are still 3 unused tiles in the set, suggestions for these are welcome.

* Since this is just a hub area with no challenges, there's not much to do here, but I suppose it can still be somewhat enjoyed as a simple playground level and "appreciate the art" while taking a relaxing walk.

* There are 10 big framed portraits with a golden plaque that can be used as access points to the other upcoming areas of the level (if the final number of areas end up being less, it's just a matter of removing a few plaques).

* All the portrait pictures are just placeholders for now. I made the area in a way that only tileset A is needed in every screen, so tileset B can be used to hold the preview pictures for each area (plus other decorative pictures). The picture for each frame has to be cropped by 4 pixels from the outer border and overlayed over the background texture ("Tileset19.png" may serve as an example).

* The door at the end can be used as an ending room that would only be unlocked once the player has finished the other areas or accomplished any specific goal (collecting a certain power, all KS+ coins/artifacts...)

* The stairs at x1000y1000 and x1005y1000 caused a wallswim when they went all the way up due to the triangular collision mask, so I resorted to cut them off at the upper border and make the last step a simple jump. If anyone knows of a more elegant solution, please tell me.

* No KS+ features used for now, but if the whole level ends up requiring KS+, I wouldn't be opposed to adding some extra lighting effects and bonuses.

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You Have To Put The Level Into The Juni


A tribute to the "You Have To Put The Juni..." series. It's time for Juni to stop stealing the show and let the true protagonist of the story get the spotlight they deserve.

Features a dumb gimmick that gets old in about 10 seconds, a few obscure KS references and a whole two different endings.

This level requires the [Knytt Stories Plus] mod by egomassive.

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