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Laser Boots


A game for my santee Smedis2.

NOTE: I am sorry for uploading this too early. it was intended to be uploaded only in december 25th (i guess), but i'm leaving the town from tomorrow until february (with no internet). so i am forced to upload this today. i'm sorry again for "messing up" the joy of the party.

ALSO: Maybe i won't see my secret santa's game today or tomorrow, but don't worry: i promise to leave a comment whenever i can.

ABOUT THE GAME: This game features some of the stuff my santee requested. (Smedis2)

Good Art (i guess)
Mozzarella Sticks
Accurate Retro Graphics (i tried my best)
Masocore Games (this is a HELL of a masocore game.)

Contains 5 infuriating levels. PREPARE TO THROB IN PAIN


EDIT: sometimes you may experience a no-portal activating bug. in that case, open the .gam file and just re-begin the game from where you left off

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An event



ok not actually a shooter but I'm submitting this anyway because I'm late on the ideas I was working on. It has a laser at any rate.

I made this in five minutes exclusively because I wanted to take that screenshot.

Then I went back to add an ending and it took me about half an hour because it kept crashing the game so I was forced to put it in a different frame.


Draw on the moon with a laser.

Left click turns the laser on, right click turns it off (couldn't get it to work when mapped to the same button). Space clears your drawing.

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An event
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Yellow Jogger Laser platform Madness


It's a strategy/platforming game in which you have to make your own path by shooting laser-platforms. it's pretty fun. The game has 10 original levels plus 20 extra levels and a 5 level challenge pack. have fun

instructions: press shift to jump, Z to shoot a platform-making laser, and X to stop that laser from synthesizing platforms. it's challenging because KNP platform movement engine is pretty glitchy. If you get stuck just press "R" to restart the level.

Flavius V. Maximus
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An event

Rapidly Advancing Laser


A small game inspired by a certain scene from a James Bond movie, and also by my previous game Trusty Assistant. Click the tiles in the control panel to momentarily deactivate the laser, then drag the manacled spy lady to rotate her torso out of the laser's path. How long can she last?!

(Version 2)

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An event

Extreme Fishing


Insane fishing action! Kill fishes and get meat, but be careful with hazardous obstacles! Can you get enough meat to satisfy Poseidon and reach the top on the online highscores?

- Online highscores! Register your name as the deadliest fisherman in the world!
- Punk Piranhas! Gentlefishes! Spartan Swordfishes! EIGHT different kinds of fishes to hunt down!
- Use harpoons, torpedoes and even LASERS! A total of 31 COMBOS!

Leonardo Millan & João Zanini
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An event

Be A Cat

Screen Shot 2012-02-29 at 5.25.58 PM.png

Experience the joy and frustration that only a laser pointer can bring a cat.

- laser pointer
- cat shaped cursor
- 5? levels of enjoyment (although if you play on a trackpad you will want to kill me)

featuring wonderful cat sounds from:
cats_purr.wav by mlekoman --
garage cat 02.wav by Kyster --
garage cat 01.wav by Kyster --

Eddie Cameron
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An event

Garden Space


"Garden Space" was created in 4 hours by Matt Rix based on some tweeted suggestions.

Use your mouse to protect Neil.

Matt Rix
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An event

No More Lasers


Basic arcade scoring type thing. Shoot at the enemies and try not to die.

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2
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