Be a grumpy old man and make childern cry


You are an old man hired by the baby boomers sent to crush the hopes and dreams of children so there won't be ANOTHER generation better then them.

**INSTRUCTIONS** You are the old man. Press A to move to left lane and D to move to the right. You must prevent the kids from getting the things they like and letting them get things they hate. If either one gets a george head the game ends..Each kid has the opposite taste in things (aside from one execption)

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Cry Engine


This is a game about crying.

Click 'Ok' on the assertion failure to begin the game. Future assertion failures may prevent you from playing the game any further.

Use arrow keys to move around.
Press Shift to cry.
Press and hold Control to make the game stop working.
Press M if there are too many TTS voices.
There is no key to stop OUCH.WAV.

Throttle the Yellow Joggers for fun and prizes!

Made in MMF2 HWA. Requires DirectX 9 hardware acceleration (or Wine) and 1280x720 resolution.

Apologies to six for stealing his trainwrecking style.

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Made For: 
An event

Press X Not To Cry


This game will make you cry.

Flex + flash, also available at

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Pirate Kart 2
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