Spirograph Skies


This is basically The Terrible Terrible Turret multiplied by 12. Though, this really began as a hack of Helipong.

Light up the night sky with a scintillating array of automatic laser fire! Use the arrows to rotate the ring of cannons, and see how long you can last before they are destroyed in a glorious blaze.

TIP: Get a friend to watch you play so they can tell you how cool the screen looks.

Oh, and here's something neat: unlike The Terrible Terrible Turret, I randomised the variables in the attack progression sequence. So, you'll get a slightly different kind of laser show every time you play.

Background "A Spring Sky Over Hirsau Abbey" via Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Leon Arnott
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Rotation Invaders


A Space Invaders type game inspired by my own Prizeturret, WarioWare: Twisted! and that one level of Karoshi 2.0.

Left - move in what would be the left direction were the screen right-side-up.
Right - move to the right, relative to the ground.

You fire automatically. Your missiles disobey gravity and will always fall "downward" regardless of the screen's rotation. The enemy's missiles do not, so try and avoid them constantly.

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Vampire's Sprint


You're a vampire in the future, being subjected to a cross between exile... and execution. Keep out of the sunlight of this micro-moon, and watch out for those poor saps who get frazzled!

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"The colours... I can't remember what colours look like... so much gray... help..."

"It's like Pong, only in two dimensions! Goodbye left and right, hello 360! Great for kids and adults - three mice out of five!"

This is a sort-of sequel to my own Magnetball. In this game you must also keep the ball within a circular perimeter, but your only tool is a spinning Kururin-like paddle. Hit the ball when the paddle is at the right angle to keep it in play.

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This is a one-button game of avoiding danger in a distant moon base. While its control scheme is familiar - press button to make the spinning craft move forward - the wrinkle is that it keeps spinning even while moving, so you'll be constantly moving in wide arcs. Be careful, and watch out for those cannons!

This is loosely inspired by the Taito arcade game Volfied in scenario.

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Saucer Sandy's Meteor Melee


This is a quick arena-type game featuring Saucer Sandy, a character from an old game of mine who is evidently down on her luck lately. At least she's got a new weapon to try out, though.

Score points by harmlessly blowing up your two friends and collecting desserts until you get tagged. But don't blow yourself up! That would be completely unconscionable.

Use the arrow keys to move and Space to drop mines.

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This is a Kururin-like.

Use arrow keys to move the Earth and its dear Moon through the space fortress without crashing.

Hold shift to move faster.

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Story: The company's proprietary spreadsheet program crashed when Jane was mere pixels away from the save icon and minutes away from the end of the day's work.

Featuring: frownworthy Game Maker engine abuse.

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Klik of the Month Klub #33 (Mar 2010)
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Spinning Negro Bass Players


Straight from the game:
"Free your negro brethren from the clutches of the evil Trollonian empire. You have 3 spinning negro bass players at your control. They can shoot music and distract women.

This game features 3 exotic levels ranging from "Place" to "Final level" with a "City" inbetween!"

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Pirate Kart 2
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