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more old screenshots and such


Decided to upload some old screenshots of other projects ive had laying about. I have two, the first is called "Steve Reich presents...Table For Two". I don't actually have this project anymore and sadly these are the only two screenshots I still have of it, but I remember being super proud of what was there. Losing the project kinda kicked me back into this non game making lull again, sadly.

The second one is called "The curious adventure of Zippity Treason". I don't remember where the name came from but for some reason I had this idea of making something that was completely non interactive. As in you pressed a couple buttons at the start and then the game just, did its own thing for the rest of the journey while you watched it.

If it weren't obvious enough, this never really got past these three screenshots, namely because I had no idea what to do to begin with and how itd even work. Making what is essentially a self contained tv show in tgf is quite a daunting task, and I only realized it after i got past the initial screens that actually have interaction on them. Thus, nothing ever actually came out of this, but hey, its a neat thing to look at anyway.

Ends with a nice throwback to HOLIDAY RUNNER, with the owl warning Windlebee (that's you!) that there's no interactivity from this point forward. Probably because theres nothing actually there in the game files. How ironic that someone who adores the heck out of the Multimedia (aka Interactive Television) era tried to make something entirely non interactive. My best guess is my thoughts at this point were that, considering I constantly make these non interactive bits of klikart in the level editors, why not try making a game that pretty much completely consists of that?

Now that, in itself, gives me the idea for an art gallery type program in tgf. Ooh, I feel those creative juices flowing already!!

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