The 2009-2010 Shame Collection

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The 2009-2010 Shame Collection is a compilation of games made by DrBlowhole20. This collection features lots of mass-produced games made in Game Maker in the early years known as 2009 and 2010 before he was in internet, there are 27 games available and one bonus pack.

The page is in work in progress


  1. Bear.exe (2009): A maze game with a cuddle bear, most of the backgrounds were Nintendo's Super Mario characters (Mario and Yoshi).
  2. Bob-Omb Adventures (2009): Another maze game which this time it's mario-themed, the final boss is easy to beat.
  3. Bowser's Adventure (2009): The platform game which you are Bowser and you need to destroy Mario and his curse, there are 3 worlds: 1. Grass, 2. Snow and 3. Space Boss Rush.
  4. Ceiling Vs. Basement (2010): An experiment of a final boss, the final boss can be beaten by striking the flames.
  5. Cool Guy: The Movie (2009): A extraordinary infamous title. You are a guy who has 3d glasses and has the will to defeat 4 villains in 4 worlds.
  6. Duky Attack (2009): A random mario-themed endless shmup, everything is mario themed except the player which is a duck from Duck Hunt.
  7. Ghost Adventure: Stick's Visit (2009): A ghost platform game, trying to stop the elebits from ruling the world.
  8. Kamek's World (2009): Another mario-themed game, this time you control kamek and save Bowser.
  9. Kill dark goombas and ninja bunnies (2009): A somewhat "boring" title, you press left and let the cacodemon kick the dark goombas and ninja bunnies.
  10. Larry 2 (2009): A sequel made for someone's game Larry. Larry is in a mario-themed platformer.
  11. Luigi's (Bubblegum) Exhibition (2010): A random shooting game, which the kirby balloon makes her first appearance.
  12. Mario Platform Silver IV (2009): A game that everybackground has pikachu into it.
  13. Megaman Vs. X (2010): A megaman fangame which crossovers Megaman X, in a bad way.
  14. New Super Mario Fusion (2009): The first hello clone made, it attempts to make a clone of Super Mario Fusion, howeverly, it's still mario-themed.
  15. Old Tanooki Bros (2009): A platform game which uses another engine.