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I've been slowly adding things to this little wiki project of mine, and it'd be great if anyone here wanted to add a little something to it. Even just dump some helpful tutorial links, or write a little about a program you know, or correct my bad writing :)

I hope it'll be a really good resource for people who want to start making games, and people who, like me, just forget how to do everything every time they load Unity or Construct or whatever D:

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I should mention that it has

I should mention that it has some more stuff available if you chop the 'wiki/' off the URL, too:

Currently an events calendar and a little archive of resources I want to make sure don't disappear!

(I really like making/working with wikis. Mediawiki is such a mess though)

(If I can afford another domain I'd like to give it its own one ASAP. '.tools' is very expensive, so I won't bother with that one :( )

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Very nice!

Very nice!