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a simple invaders game i'd like to play.

invader bodies are toxic! avoid them.

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An event


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Nice Work

Wow this game was pretty sweet. I really loved what you did with the dead bodies that was a super cool mechanic.

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I like this one a lot. I get

I like this one a lot. I get quite a bit of joy from juggling the dead invaders :D

I feel like there should be some penalty for letting the live ones get past though...

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It's a good design. I also

It's a good design. I also get a kick out of corpse juggling, so it's a slight shame that it hampers progression.

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aww yeah

That is lots of fun, I find it great to juggle them.. it makes me sooo happy.. it makes them soooo sad, till they intoxicate me and i'm soooo tuckered out i have to start over lol

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glad you dig it! it reminds

glad you dig it!

it reminds me I was wondering if I should make a version that was a bit less starkly mimimalist....