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Created on: July 8, 1997


Chris Craft's Click & Create Connection:

Chris Craft's Click and Create Connection is the sister site to MultiMedia Fusion Online. There is a huge amount of material here that applies to MultiMedia Fusion.

My Resume:

Support MultiMedia Fusion Online:

Please support MultiMedia Fusion Online. If you are interested in finding out what you can do to support MultiMedia Fusion Online then look in this area.

MultiMedia Fusion Objects:

This page has a listing of MultiMedia Fusion objects. This is a good place to go to learn what MultiMedia Fusion can do. It is also a good place to go if you want to find out what an object in MultiMedia Fusion is.

The Active X Chamber:

This research area contains information regarding Active X and its uses in MultiMedia Fusion. If you want to discover how powerful MultiMedia Fusion's Active X Object is then you will want to begin your experiments here.

MultiMedia Fusion Sites Links:

Access MultiMedia Fusion Online database of MultiMedia Fusion related sites to continue your research into the possibilities of MultiMedia Fusion.


This area contains a large assortment of various items pertaining to MultiMedia Fusion. Items include on the IMSI's MultiMedia Fusion Logo Certification Program and the Fueled by Fusion Logos.

Coding Concepts:

Enter this section to learn more about the underlying fundamental programming concepts that apply to MultiMedia Fusion like optimization, and creativity.


This section contains examples, tutorials, and of course demonstrations of various things in MultiMedia Fusion.

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