And Behind This Door We Got

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So this is just a single level (works with any doom port i guess, you'll need a doom2 wad to play it)
i had this idea of putting weird things behind doors
and you don't know what is behind the door
like maybe it will kill you, maybe it will be a bonus, maybe it will do nothing etc
so it's sort of a luck and memory based thing

yours truly
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Suprisingly, this map

Suprisingly, this map actually had me on edge and slightly terrified.

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Clever idea here! I enjoyed

Clever idea here! I enjoyed poking through all the doors to see what surprises were behind. I rather liked some of the tricks and rooms beyond doors, like the lift-door!

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SO MANY DOORS. Was actually

SO MANY DOORS. Was actually pretty fun, even if I got lucky and found the red key quite early on. I still went on to look behind every door. Was a little disappointed a cyberdemon wasn't behind any.

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Oh cool! Doors. I got eaten

Oh cool! Doors.

I got eaten by a Baron.