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I am apathetic but I'm still idealistic and I argue on the internet with those who aren't and with bad people in general. All sorts of things upset me but I have indestructible self-esteem. You on the other hand are probably a better person than you think you are.

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I'm going to upload my New Year's Eve game.

So I made some sort of personal project where I start making a game on New Year's Eve and then I finish making it. Eventually. Preferably before the next New Year's Eve.

I started this thing on 31 December 2014, and I finished it somewhere in early autumn or so. Now I will release it on this New Year's Eve.

This is actually fairly long, with a developed storyline, several levels and multiple endings! So I'm hoping I will get some feedback and attention in general. I like attention.

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The story of my first trainwreck's Proper development.

So, when I make games, I always have plans, writing down the scripts and systems, the setting, mechanics, storylines, sometimes I plan small, sometimes I plan big-ish, and then I get stuck on something. Sometimes I pick the game up after a few months, add to it, and then get stuck again. Two days ago I was just brainstorming on some other game, inventing an absurdly complicated scoring system on the fly. I did a bunch of pixel-arty stuff and then I lost my attention.

At some point later I noticed that I have left the image editor open on blank white 320x240 canvas. So I just randomly scribbled a black wavy line across the middle, and then filled the bottom with black. Since the result was something wave-like, I filled the bottom with dark blue and the top with light blue. Then I thought it would be better with light blue waves and dark blue sky, so I absentmindedly clicked Invert Colors. This resulted in the majestic yellowish alien landscape you can see prominently displayed in Proper. It looked like an interesting setup for some game, so I scribbled two 48x48 squares. What would that mean? I thought that the puzzle about copying a shape may be the simplest way to utilize these squares in a way that would be interesting. Copying made me think of conformism, so I added something resembling a story. And a hour or two ago, Proper suddenly came into existence on my hard drive.

What is the moral here?


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