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Tue, 28 March 2017
(comment)09:05gameCave Sporey 2Protohm JohnnyI really liked this,
(comment)06:53gameChaos Butterfly 9000clydeI like how the The Butterfly
(comment)06:43gameChaos Butterfly 9000clydeI will participate in this
(comment)05:11gameClaritysergiocornagaI've reuploaded this here as
(diff) (hist)03:40gamenew Cave Sporey 2sergiocornaga
Mon, 27 March 2017
(comment)22:11gameMass Effect: Andromeda Spoilers: "Liam Costa: Armor Diplomacy"clydeIt was definitely both.
(comment)20:30gameMass Effect: Andromeda Spoilers: "Liam Costa: Armor Diplomacy"sergiocornagaAh, the illusion of choice!
(comment)17:44gameChaos Butterfly 9000let-off-studiosMy fault!
(comment)10:29gameChaos Butterfly 9000Protohm JohnnyYou did a great job of
(comment)10:25gameThe Zang Zurfers Restoration ProjectProtohm JohnnyAll of this zang wrangling
(comment)10:16gamemy quirky little indie gameProtohm JohnnyI hope whatever comes next
(diff) (hist)08:02gamenew Mass Effect: Andromeda Spoilers: "Liam Costa: Armor Diplomacy"clyde
(diff) (hist)04:50gamenew Chaos Butterfly 9000sergiocornaga
Sun, 26 March 2017
(comment)22:29gameThe Zang Zurfers Restoration ProjectfinnthesubhumanWew now I'm allowed to let's
(comment)21:58gameThe Zang Zurfers Restoration Projectihavefivehatwow, this is pretty
(comment)21:54gameThe Zang Zurfers Restoration ProjectsergiocornagaA noble and potentially
(comment)21:01eventKlik & Play Marathon 2: Unofficial Pirate Kart EditionbitbotSmiley Island (KNP scrolling engine)
(diff) (hist)20:59gameSmiley Islandbitbot
(diff) (hist)18:13gamenew The Zang Zurfers Restoration Projectmkapolk
(comment)17:54gamemy quirky little indie gamemkapolkgood luck out there pouls,
(diff) (hist)13:57gameSmiley Islandbitbot
(diff) (hist)13:54gameSmiley Islandbitbot
(diff) (hist)12:05gameSmiley Islandbitbot
Sat, 25 March 2017
(comment)16:42gamemy quirky little indie gamelet-off-studiosGames
(diff) (hist)13:28gamenew my quirky little indie gamepouls
(comment)12:56gamesecret hunterpoulstry harder, man!
(comment)05:04gameOmphaloskepsisclydeJust played this again. I
(diff) (hist)04:47gameOmphaloskepsisclyde
Fri, 24 March 2017
(comment)16:26gameSmiley IslandbitbotReally? I know what you mean but I'm not getting that on my end.
Thu, 23 March 2017
(comment)22:24gameSmiley IslandsergiocornagaPretty cool! I did notice
(diff) (hist)14:32gameSmiley Islandbitbot
(diff) (hist)14:21gamemoved Smiley Islandbitbot
(diff) (hist)14:20gamemoved Smiley Island (KNP engine)bitbot
(diff) (hist)14:20gamemoved Smiley Island (KNP scrolling engine)bitbot
(diff) (hist)14:19gamenew Smiley Island - a new KNP scrolling enginebitbot
(comment)10:23gamesecret hunterProtohm JohnnyOh man cool! I gotta check
Wed, 22 March 2017
(diff) (hist)19:01eventSpeed Maniac's 2 Hour GameJamProtohm Johnny
(diff) (hist)18:55eventnew Speed Maniac's 2 Hour GameJamProtohm Johnny
(comment)18:49gameA Man's Facelet-off-studiosReally fun to watch for a
(comment)18:46gamesecret hunterlet-off-studiosTotally stole that HTML tag
(diff) (hist)18:42gameSave a Babylet-off-studios
(comment)18:19gamesecret huntersergiocornagaThe animation in this one is
(comment)18:15gamesecret huntersergiocornagaFound!
(comment)18:14gamesecret hunterProtohm JohnnyThe effects in this are
(comment)18:12gamePretentious Flick Game I Found on a Roommate's HarddriveProtohm JohnnyDerrel told me you said you
(comment)18:10gamemickey mouse in magic johnsons asssergiocornagaI see. Thanks for the
(diff) (hist)17:43gamenew secret hunterpouls
(comment)17:34gamemickey mouse in magic johnsons asspoulsin that frame he just gets a
(diff) (hist)17:34gamenew Deconstruction of The Holy Battle of Sacramentopouls
(diff) (hist)17:21gamenew A Man's Facepouls
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