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Thu, 16 February 2023
(diff) (hist)15:15gameminibox
(diff) (hist)15:06gameminibox
(diff) (hist)15:03gamenew minibox worldsploringdirtywater.tubeI actually made this like 3 years ago but no one played it and I never got any responses. saw this event and figured I'd revive it by grafting it onto my newer website and see if I get any responses this time around!
(comment)14:03gameHover-Pixel Goes to Ultima 2ggnonithis is stressful and pretty
Wed, 8 February 2023
(diff) (hist)16:30gamenew Room Maptown-map
Sat, 21 January 2023
(diff) (hist)17:16gameHover-Pixel Goes to Ultima 2Noser
(diff) (hist)17:15gamenew Hover-Pixel Goes to Ultima 2Noser
Fri, 20 January 2023
(diff) (hist)21:06forumnew File hosting changesSpindleyQ
(diff) (hist)14:12gameSwords of IntuitionScroungin_4_CatsupFixed a typo in the rules file that annoys me
Thu, 19 January 2023
(diff) (hist)17:33gameSwords of IntuitionScroungin_4_CatsupForgot to specify this is print-and-play!
(diff) (hist)17:33gamenew Swords of IntuitionScroungin_4_Catsup
Sun, 15 January 2023
(diff) (hist)13:25gameGILGAMESH IItown-map
Sat, 14 January 2023
(comment)21:19gameCLUB TERRORHulkHandsomeI uploaded a video of this
Fri, 13 January 2023
(comment)14:53gameBINKY XXVIII: Magic of CirclebpseudopodIf you briefly step outside
(comment)11:39gameWALK AROUND NEW YORK TOWN town-mapjust the stuff
(comment)09:05eventRPG MAP --World As Map--forgsuch a cool game jam 10/10
(diff) (hist)08:56gamemoved WALK AROUND NEW YORK TOWN forg
(diff) (hist)08:55gamenew RPG WANDER GAME (prototype for game jam)forg
Thu, 12 January 2023
(diff) (hist)14:10eventnew RPG MAP --World As Map--gisbrecht
Mon, 9 January 2023
(comment)14:52gameWALK AROUND LAtown-mapnow THATS a map!!
Sun, 8 January 2023
(diff) (hist)16:59gameFINAL FANTASY UPPER MICHIGANgisbrecht
(comment)16:56gameFINAL FANTASY UPPER MICHIGANgisbrechtTHANK YOU for inspiring me ^^
(comment)16:54gameWALK AROUND LAgisbrechtinteresting world. i kept
(comment)16:53gameFINAL FANTASY UPPER MICHIGANgisbrechtthank you for the award forg!
(diff) (hist)14:57eventOpen World JamKate B
(diff) (hist)14:10gameWALK AROUND LAforg
(diff) (hist)14:09gamenew WALK AROUND LAforgvibeo gaming
(comment)12:35gameRPG I+II Collectionforg:)
(diff) (hist)12:33blognew about the award systemforgtalks about the award system
(comment)12:27gameFINAL FANTASY UPPER MICHIGANforgthis is good 10/10
(diff) (hist)08:10gameGILGAMESH IItown-map
Sat, 7 January 2023
(diff) (hist)15:19gameGILGAMESH IItown-map
(diff) (hist)15:08gameGILGAMESH IItown-map
(diff) (hist)14:57gameGILGAMESH IItown-map
(diff) (hist)14:20gameGILGAMESH IItown-map
(comment)06:08gameFINAL FANTASY UPPER MICHIGANtown-mapi miss those oversized gas
Fri, 6 January 2023
(diff) (hist)18:11gameFINAL FANTASY UPPER MICHIGANgisbrecht
(diff) (hist)18:03gamenew FINAL FANTASY UPPER MICHIGANgisbrecht
Thu, 5 January 2023
(diff) (hist)04:10gameSuper Vadimka VI: A Terrible Threat there is No VadimkaVadimBallzGame
(diff) (hist)03:44gamenew Super Vadimka VI: A Terrible Threat there is No VadimkaVadimBallzGame
Wed, 4 January 2023
(diff) (hist)11:33gameRPG I+II Collectiontown-map
Tue, 3 January 2023
(comment)16:17gameRPG I+II Collectiongisbrechtgestures on tile-canvas
(diff) (hist)15:53gameRPG I+II Collectiontown-map
(diff) (hist)15:50gamenew RPG I+II Collectiontown-map
Sun, 1 January 2023
(diff) (hist)14:20gamenew BINKY XXVIII: Magic of Circlegisbrechtglorous trainwreck slow halp me
Sat, 31 December 2022
(diff) (hist)10:48gameGILGAMESH IItown-map
(diff) (hist)02:29gameGILGAMESH IItown-map
Fri, 30 December 2022
(diff) (hist)18:12gameGILGAMESH IItown-map
(diff) (hist)17:56gameGILGAMESH IItown-map
Thu, 29 December 2022
(comment)06:30game3D Foggy DrivebizzozeronI love how poorly the car turns eventually
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