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Fri, 3 May 2019
(comment)22:06event⚾︎ (tennis ball NOT baseball) karen-kokk let me know if you
Thu, 2 May 2019
(comment)21:57gameSprite WallsmnoThis is exciting! An
(comment)12:02gameArrow of LightLulunaThat was fast! Works
(diff) (hist)11:57gameSprite Wallsclyde
(diff) (hist)11:55gameSprite Wallsclyde
(diff) (hist)11:51gamenew Sprite Wallsclyde
(comment)10:31gameArrow of LightsylvieThanks so much for pointing
(comment)08:07gameArrow of LightLulunaLoving this so far! Super
(comment)03:14event⚾︎ (tennis ball NOT baseball) sergiocornagaOops, I already sent an
Wed, 1 May 2019
(diff) (hist)22:26event⚾︎ (tennis ball NOT baseball) karen-k
Tue, 30 April 2019
(comment)19:49gameHow'd You Get That One?sergiocornagaI like how this comment
(comment)17:52gameHow'd You Get That One?gisbrechtI like the music... maybe
Mon, 29 April 2019
(comment)21:09gameariesdiessergiocornagaI'd love this too! In the
(comment)20:43gameIQ: Intelligent Qhessmnothank you! I hope NYU
(comment)15:39gameArrow of Lightlet-off-studiosSatisfying!
(comment)11:09gameArrow of LightLittle AmptonGreat cute game. I like the
(diff) (hist)11:06gameGunmanSpindleyQ
(comment)10:59gameBYRDLittle AmptonCool, reminds me of cat
(diff) (hist)10:22gameSmiley IslandSpindleyQCopy of the revision from Tue, 10/16/2018 - 14:08.
(comment)10:05gameariesdiesLittle AmptonOne word: Fantastic. I'm not
(diff) (hist)06:04gamenew Arrow of Lightsylvie
Sun, 28 April 2019
(diff) (hist)23:19gameBall Busterbitbot
(diff) (hist)19:50gameBall Busterbitbot
(comment)17:52gameContract of Faustlet-off-studiosVisual Storytelling
(diff) (hist)16:01wikipageTrainwreck GalleryLittle Amptonadded KANG-FU because GT was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw that game
(comment)12:18gameThe List (for hellojed)mnothank you! I have passed
(comment)12:15gameThe List (for hellojed)mnothank you so much! one of my
(comment)12:11gameporridgemnoThis was interesting. I like
(comment)12:00gameContract of FaustgisbrechtYes, the second screen had
(comment)11:51gameContract of Faustmnovery evocative, especially
(diff) (hist)11:46gamenew Contract of Faustgisbrecht
(diff) (hist)02:25gamenew porridgeTheCakeFlavor
(comment)01:14gameGunmansergiocornagaDarn, have all the downloads
Sat, 27 April 2019
(diff) (hist)20:25gameBall Busterbitbot
(diff) (hist)20:19gameGunmanbitbot
(comment)18:26gameHow'd You Get That One?let-off-studiosExcellent Execution!
(comment)18:25gameThe List (for hellojed)Scroungin_4_CatsupForgot to mention that the
(comment)18:23gameBYRDScroungin_4_CatsupI like how the brutal
(comment)18:00gameThe List (for hellojed)gisbrechtWhat a game.
(comment)18:00gameThe List (for hellojed)Scroungin_4_CatsupSORTA-SPOILERS (?) for
(comment)16:47game1HGJ Vol. 2mnoThese are some yummy games.
(comment)13:41gameThe List (for hellojed)mnothank you!! also you
(comment)13:06gameThe List (for hellojed)TheCakeFlavorten outta ten video gaming experience
(comment)12:32gameYoshi's Island Gaiden: Halloween EternalmnoThis is so good! I love your
(comment)12:10gameFlamingo QuestmnoThis was a nice world to
(comment)11:45gameariesdiesmnoAerisDies: thanks to my
Fri, 26 April 2019
(diff) (hist)22:22gameHow'd You Get That One?mnoadded credits for the font
(diff) (hist)21:56gameAll Hail The Beetle - Don't Jostle That Jewel!Scroungin_4_CatsupFixed what was actually wrong with the options scrolling :-/
(diff) (hist)21:51gameAll Hail The Beetle - Don't Jostle That Jewel!Scroungin_4_CatsupEver-so-slightly updated the screen shake/mouse sensitivity options so it takes a few tics longer to scroll through them if you're holding down the arrow keys, I found it was scrolling too fast for my liking before.
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